DIEPENBEEK, Belgium, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- With the release of its Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway, ANDROME NV, a leading company in the provision of innovative and hi-tech video telephony solutions, enables zero-install usage of video telephony features in Flash enabled web applications.

Today, the majority of computers across the globe are Adobe Flash enabled which has caused many new internet video applications to flourish, thanks to the non-exclusive nature of Flash for its end-users. The Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway is building upon this reality to allow application developers to incorporate video telephony more freely into their Flash enabled web applications.

Traditional web-based applications currently may have video telephony integrated into their core functionalities but still require a user to install video telephony software, be it as a plug-in. The new Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway enables end-users to start using video telephony without installing anything specific on their pcs; thus placing video telephony more within reach of all.

"We're excited about our new Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway, which fits well with our overall strategy to make video telephony as simple and accessible as possible to all," says Raf Van Ham, CEO of ANDROME. "Users simply open a Flash enabled web application and dial a contact; which allows them to easily connect to their SIP contacts and directly send and receive live video and audio."

"The Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway also bridges a gap between the traditional telecoms environment with SIP and IMS based networks and end-users who are using Flash enabled web applications," adds Raf Van Ham.

Applications that benefit from using the Intellivic Flash-to-SIP Gateway lie in the areas of professional consultancy services, call centers, remote medical assistance, home or office surveillance, e-learning and entertainment.


ANDROME has gained market power in the area of video telephony communication platforms with its Intellivic product line, a set of high quality SIP and IMS based audio and video telephony tools and products. At the basis of the Intellivic Softphone and Intellivic Smartphone lies the Intellivic SDK, a Software Development Kit which provides an easy access to underlying functions on video telephony and communications using a comprehensive set of APIs.

Please refer to http://www.intellivic.com for more info on the Intellivic product line and to http://www.androme.com for more details on ANDROME.

For further information, please contact: Martine Thijs +32-11-301330 Intellivic Project Office project.office@intellivic.com http://www.intellivic.com

For further information, please contact: Martine Thijs +32-11-301330, Intellivic Project Office, project.office@intellivic.com