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- Kate Wighton, Science Editor of the Times Body and Soul Claims "Leaves the Skin Feeling Velvety-Soft"(1)

Loved and trusted by beauty gurus, celebrities and millions of women worldwide, and one of Olay's best sellers, Regenerist Serum continues to receive positive endorsement from both the science and beauty industry, this time from Kate Wighton, the science editor of The Times Body & Soul.

Pal KTTKS and niacinamide, two of the star ingredients used in Regenerist Serum, were highlighted in the article. Pal KTTKS was said to "boost collagen, the protein that keeps the skin plump," while "niacinamide is a B vitamin, and some studies have indicated that it protects collagen."

The article also cited Dr Tamara Griffiths, a British Skin Foundation dermatologist - "Pal KTTKS has been tested on women's skin in a properly conducted clinical trial, and not just in a test-tube, which makes the product more scientifically robust". This statement once again supports the scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of Regenerist Serum in delivering powerful anti-aging results against lines and wrinkles and improving overall skin texture.

The conclusion of the article: "Worth the money? Yes"

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The Science behind Regenerist

Regenerist was created in 2003 after the research and development teams at Olay chose to look at ingredients that would deliver powerful anti-aging results against lines, wrinkles and skin texture with more preferred skin compatibility and without the potential to irritate skin or contribute to sunlight sensitivity.

Olay's research culminated in the breakthrough discovery of the power of a Peptide, Pal KTTKS - one of the star ingredients in Olay's best selling skincare, Regenerist

The Evidence

Evidence for the effectiveness of this ingredient was presented to, and received much acclaim from, the world's leading skincare experts in Paris at the World Dermatology Congress in 2002. Research, presented by Professors Lintner, Mas-Chamberlain and Mondon, revealed that in a four month comparative study, Pal-KTTKS, one of the key ingredients in Olay Regenerist, provided improvement in visible skin texture and wrinkles, similar to Retinol itself. Further the study also showed that it did this while being compatible with the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Additionally, research, conducted at the University of Tennessee(2), found that the penta-peptide KTTKS, essentially a building block of collagen, found in Olay Regenerist, acts like a signal to skin to encourage the regeneration of new skin.

The Facts

With the power of peptide proven Olay developed Olay Regenerist, always seeking ways to give women even better visible anti-ageing results. This was achieved through the creation of a unique Amino-Peptide complex - a combination of several ingredients including Peptide and Niacinamide. Results of clinical studies showed that if the peptide alone improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles then when combined with Niacinamide in the Regenerist formulas results were enhanced, providing twice the overall regeneration of the skin's appearance(3), a beauty secret now shared by millions of women worldwide.

Quite simply, the Olay Regenerist results speak for themselves...

- Regenerist formulas, including the Amino-Peptide Complex, helps skin regenerate twice as fast(4)

- Olay Regenerist delivers anti-aging skincare results at a more affordable price versus one of the latest 'miracle creams'(5) .

- 85% of women tested agree Olay Regenerist makes their skin look visibly younger in just three weeks(6).

- 2 Regenerist Serum sold every minute in the UK.(7)

- Regenerist is the anti-aging skincare answer for 20 million women around the world.(8)

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