LONDON, January 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Hult International Business School announced today that applications for its MBA program had more than doubled due to an improved sentiment about the global economy.

There is definitely a renewed confidence in the economy, says Hult President Dr. Stephen Hodges. People who were hesitant to give up work last year to go to business school aren't as worried anymore. The increase in applications indicates that people feel the worst of the volatility may be behind us and that there will be substantial opportunities for MBA graduates in 2011.

Overall applications for Hult's intensive one-year MBA program increased 115 percent year-on-year. The largest regional increases were seen in applications from the Americas, Europe and the Middle East which increased by 102, 165 and 132 percent respectively. In contrast, applications from Asia increased slightly less at 66 percent.

Dr. Hodges commented, The relatively low increase seen in Asia probably reflects that this region remains the most cautious in its outlook about employment prospects.

Hult's unique global rotation program, in which students can opt to move between Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai during their program also contributed to the rise in applications. An overall trend towards globalization by universities and graduate schools prompted the marked interest in Hult, who has spearheaded a strategy to become the world's first global business school.

Higher education is undergoing a huge transformation in terms of increasing presences overseas, says Hult's Hodges. In today's business world, you can't be limited to your home country. You have to be open to foreign cultures and new experiences.

About Hult International Business School:

Hult International Business School (formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management) is the first global business school with operations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. The School offers a range of business-focused programs including MBA, Masters and Undergraduate degrees. Hult is ranked 44th in the world and 23rd in the U.S. by The Economist, and 6th for International Mobility by the Financial Times. The School is a fully accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of MBAs.

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SOURCE: Hult International Business School

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