HANOVER, Pennsylvania, October 9 /PRNewswire/ --

Say "Cheers!" to Applists.

Today, Tuesday, October 9, just 30 days prior to the formal launch of the Apple iPhone in the United Kingdom, Elias Corporation makes a call for iPhone apps to UK developers and future iPhone owners, in time for Apple's November 9 launch of the iPhone in the UK.

Applists.com launched in the USA just one week after iPhone. With Applists.com, iPhone owners can quickly and conveniently locate iPhone applications with just a few taps on their screen. They can store these apps in containers called application lists or app lists.

On October 4, Applists.com version 2.0 was released, featuring a better infrastructure for finding, storing and sharing apps. And now, says Elias Corporation CEO Bill Denk, "We're ready to help raise the quantity, and the quality of the apps for the UK, as well as for Germany and the USA."

To accomplish this, Applists.com is giving future UK iPhone owners a voice for the apps they will see and use when they receive their iPhone. Registered developers can also view app requests, submit their own apps for activation with Applists.com, view statistics about their registered app's performance and more.

"Registration is free for both developers and iPhone owners, who can begin submission at Applists.com, today," said Denk. "We believe we can help UK developers know in advance the types of apps future iPhone owners will expect on November 9, when they activate their iPhones."

Apps for the UK (and Germany) will be unveiled on November 9.

This call for better quality apps comes from experience. "We realized from the development and design of the Applists.com UI, that a superior mobile interface could be built using the Safari/Web 2.0/AJAX platform for the iPhone," says Mike Judd, Senior Developer for Elias Corporation. "We're challenging developers to prove their mettle by raising the bar of the mobile user experience for iPhone owners around the world. This will set the standard for all future mobile device application development."

System Requirements

Applists.com is built for the Apple Safari 3.0 browser for use with iPhones, Macs and PCs.

Web site: http://www.applists.com

Steve Winter, +1-703-534-4600, cell: +1-202-468-8100, wint@bwfcom.com, for Elias Corp.; or Bill Denk of Elias Corp., +1-717-965-4104, bill@applists.com