HERTEN, Germany, November 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Wherever humanitarian aid is provided or military forces are stationed there is a need to supply fresh drinking water - especially in hot localities. In addition warm water, air-conditioned medical facilities and refrigeration for foodstuffs, medicaments and blood supplies are required.

The German corporation Aqua Society GmbH, Herten, has now developed a solution which intelligently combines several technologies from the fields of water production, refrigeration, air-conditioning and energy into a system which solves each of the above problems simply and cheaply.

In its AHC container, for which the design has already been registered under No. DE 202006017836, Aqua Society has a facility which simultaneously generates drinking water, heats service water, provides air-conditioning and enables the operation of refrigerated chambers. "Our container system - AHC represents 'Aqua, Heat & Cold' - is based on three processes: obtaining water from the air, the refrigeration and air-conditioning processes involved in this, and efficient technology for heat recovery," is how CEO Hubert Hamm explains the concept, which is aimed at humanitarian and military organizations.

Fresh water, a hot shower and air-conditioned rooms improve the lives of personnel operating in crisis zones

The technology for obtaining water exploits an unused resource - humidity. In coalmining it served to cool the air below ground, producing condensation. Aqua Society has now adapted the process. Its equipment sucks in air, cools it to the condensation point and so generates water which - filtered and mineralised - meets WHO's strict quality requirements."

To reduce energy costs, a heat recovery system is used to warm up service water with the waste heat produced by the cooling process. This is rounded off by using the cooled air to refrigerate perishable goods and then air-condition buildings or field hospital tents.

At external temperatures of 30degreesC and 60% humidity even the smallest facility, which has a power requirement of 5 - 9 kW, generates up to 200 liters of drinking water daily, while cooling 600 kg of foodstuffs or medicines and heating 1,200 liters of service water. And the higher the temperature and humidity, the bigger the yield.

A data sheet which can be downloaded from the Aqua Society website http://www.aqua-society.com indicates how much water can be produced - depending on climatic conditions - and how low the energy costs are.

Aqua Society GmbH is a subsidiary of Aqua Society Inc., whose shares are traded in Frankfurt (WKN: A0DPH0, ISIN: USO3841C1009) and over the counter in New York (OTC:AQAS.OB).

Web: http://www.aqua-society.com

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