LONDON, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Arthritis Society is offering a free 53-page book "All About Arthritis" plus a free natural supplement based on the latest science detailed in the book by well-known nutritionist Ben Ong.

The Society is also guaranteeing unconditionally that both the information in the book and the supplement "Arthritis Comfort" works. The Arthritis Society recommends using the information in the book and continuing to use the "Arthritis Comfort" supplement for three months. If at the end of those three months someone has not seen any improvement, customers will get a full refund for the supplements they have paid for.

Although many of the estimated seven million people who suffer with arthritis in the UK know that taking Glucosamine helps, a vast number do not know that what they eat or do not eat can also affect their Arthritis. Many sufferers are also unaware of the host of other nutrients, besides Glucosamine, that independent research shows can alleviate symptoms, inflammation and even enable the body to heal itself.

The Arthritis Society has now set out to fill this information gap by offering Ong's book which explains in detail in an easy-to-understand way what to eat, what not eat and why. He explains why some food categories encourage inflammation and why others heal inflammation, and also uses the research to illustrate and explain why organic produce is nutritionally richer.

Ong examines the prescription drugs usually prescribed for Arthritis - DMARDS, NSAIDS, and COX2 inhibitors - and details their effects, how they work, and their side-effects. He also details the research into a range of nutrients. including Glucosamine, and the message that emerges from him is that nutrition and nutrients are more effective at dealing with the underlying disease - not just the symptoms - and are safer.

Although the book (worth GBP7.95) and supplement (retails at GBP24.90 including P&P) are free, the Arthritis Society charges GBP2.95 for delivery of the book and GBP4.95 for delivery of the Supplement. Both can be received by leaving contact details on Freephone (24 hours) +44(0)800-077-6369 or email name, address, telephone number to

Note to Editors:

Ben Ong is a senior nutritional consultant working with the Arthritis Society. He has also published All about the prostate and will release his newest book all about Gout shortly.

All About Arthritis by Ben Ong: (Book available on request)

Enquiries: Ben Ong, Author, Tel: +44(0)208-455-2554, E-mail:

Enquiries: Ben Ong, Author, Tel: +44(0)208-455-2554, E-mail: