GOTEBORG, Sweden, November 14 /PRNewswire/ --

- Ensures Effective and Secure Communication for Hospitals

Convergence of networks is nowadays a hot topic and hospitals are no exception to this trend. To meet the demands within the healthcare environment Ascom Wireless Solutions introduces the teleCARE IP, a new generation nurse call system fully based on IP technology.

Ascom's teleCARE IP system has all the traditional benefits that a nurse call system offers; such as normal patient calls, assistance calls, emergency alarms and nurse presence. But also the smart integration of technical alarms, from doorbell to telephone, from heating to elevator alarms. The systems intelligence is placed in the room controllers; hence there is no need of a central server. The system is easily adapted to different organisational needs and there is no need to install a new network; teleCARE IP runs on the existing LAN.

"However, only using IP is not enough, we wanted to make it secure and safe under all circumstances, so that we can live up to our motto "a call will never be lost". The teleCARE IP ensures a high level of reliability and safety, but also fall-back scenarios are standard in the system", says Jan van Havenbergh, Product Line Manager Health Care at Ascom Wireless Solutions. He continues, "This also means that a patient call to the responsible nurse is forwarded to a nursing colleague if she/he is busy."

Total freedom in functionality and cross-department information, all is standard in teleCARE IP. Integration with cordless telephony on DECT, IP-DECT or VoWiFi is embedded in the approach.

Jan van Havenbergh, Product Line Manager Health Care Com. Sys., Tel. + 32-497-40-54-55