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Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today its AVR(R)32 UC3 microcontrollers have been named by EDN magazine to the list of products recognized in its annual Hot 100 Products issue at the end of 2007. The AT32UC3 32-bit Flash microcontrollers feature DSP instructions and have established new standards for computation efficiency and an industry leader for low power consumption of 1.3 mW per MHz for 32-bit microcontrollers.

EDN Editorial Director Maury Wright stated, "Our editorial team covers new product introductions on a daily basis and we see a lot of worthy products. We look back once a year and choose the introductions that we believe will have the greatest significance to the design engineer and create the Hot 100 list."

"We are honored to receive the recognition from the EDN's technical editor's community," said Oyvind Strom, Atmel's Director of AVR32 products. "We believe this highlights the various innovations we bring with our AVR32 architecture that makes the UC3 family the best-in-class 32-bit Flash microcontrollers."

The AVR32 UC3 delivers up to 83 Dhrystone MIPS (DMIPS) performance at 66 MHz and provides a wide range of DSP instructions including a single-cycle fractional Multiply & Accumulate with saturation and rounding. With a direct interface between the SRAM and the CPU that bypasses the system bus, a single-cycle read/write to SRAM is guaranteed. In addition, a peripheral DMA controller and multi-layer high speed bus architecture, makes UC3 core ideal for high throughput applications. UC3 devices are perfectly suited for portable and battery-based applications because of its outstanding performance/power consumption ratio up to 1.08 DMIPS per mW.

AT32UC3 microcontrollers rich feature set includes up to 512KB Flash, up to 64KB SRAM, Ethernet MAC, Full Speed USB with OTG, 10-bit ADC, SPIs, SSC, two-wire interface (I2C compatible), UARTs, general purpose timers, thirteen pulse width modulators and a full set of supervisory functions.

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