KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany, November 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Empolis, an Attensity Group Company and the leading provider of semantic applications for processing unstructured data, today announced the release of Attensity Discover 4. Attensity Discover 4 is a powerful research and discovery application that enables business managers, researchers and knowledge workers to discover hidden insights in corporate and Internet data including internal documents, emails and other content, as well as information found in external sources such as news feeds, blogs, wikis and more. Attensity Discover was chosen from among 800 products to feature on KMWorld Magazine's Trend-Setting Product of the Year list of this year.

Powered by state-of-the art natural language technology, semantics and artificial intelligence, Attensity Discover 4 enables users to better search and retrieve valuable information instantly and share it across the organization. Attensity Discover 4's web-based, easy-to-implement and -use portal application transforms a treasure trove of internal and external information into an enterprise asset and competitive advantage.

More than at any other time in history, today's corporate information systems are flooded with information that employees and executives either can't access or don't even know they have. This information can pose a risk to the company, or help a researcher or product developer understand product issues or identify innovative ideas. However, it is almost impossible to access because it is stored in disparate systems or scattered across the web and generally in an unstructured format.

About Attensity Discover 4

Attensity Discover 4 gives information managers the ability to learn more about markets, products and competitors. It allows them to continuously and systematically evaluate their own internal as well as external information sources such as websites, blogs, news groups, etc. The new version of Attensity Discover enables users to access this vast amount of valuable information by automatically extracting key information in an efficient and focused way through an intuitive web interface, easy-to-use query and analytics tools, and a massively scalable architecture. With Attensity Discover 4, a company's risk is reduced and research optimized. Ultimately, an organization is able to significantly increase employee productivity, invent better products, and deliver better service to their customers.

New capabilities of Attensity Discover 4 include: - A high-performance search provides users with a comprehensive range of search options, filters and ranking. Prebuilt, domain-specific search features make navigation easy and efficient. Auto-completion functions leverage domain knowledge to help users formulate queries quickly and efficiently. In addition, linguistic support in 32 languages is provided. - Information discovery features include effective filtering through a tag cloud, the ability to relate people, places and things found in disparate data sources, and the ability to drill down through ontologies that map the information sources. - A flexible portal-based user interface is designed to enable users to define what their research screens flow looks like based on their specific research needs, preferences and requirements. Attensity Discover 4 comes with a broad selection of standard portlets which can be used to integrate external information flexibly into the portal (e.g. access to image databases, content from news websites or third- party systems). - A highly flexible processing logic based on an open Java architecture leverages pipelets that are configured via a graphical user interface, and form user process flows that enable integration of any application logic, data source and user desired view.

Greater Insights from Social Media through Attensity Cloud

Combining Attensity Discover with the add-on module Attensity Cloud expands research and analysis capabilities to the vast sources of information found online. Attensity Discover users can expand their research base to the massive insights hidden online by analyzing conversations in social media outlets such as web forums, blogs, wikis, micro-blogs including Twitter and Facebook(R), LinkedIn(R), Xing, customer portals such as Epinions.com(TM), news feeds, and many others.

To demonstrate this, Empolis in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern analyzed more than 108,000 entries in the German language social web with Attensity Discover and Attensity Cloud about the launch of Windows 7. The result showed that the new operating system was favorably received throughout German social media.

The new Attensity Discover is a great leap forward in applications designed to enable business users and researchers to uncover the proverbial 'needle in a haystack.' It enables users to harness massive amounts of information easily to find insights that optimize the research process, said Dr. Stefan Wess, general manager of Empolis. Through our natural language technologies and our applications that are designed to uniquely listen, analyze and relate unstructured and structured data, we are able to provide capabilities that give organizations a distinct competitive advantage.

About Empolis

Empolis, an Attensity Group Company, provides an integrated suite of business applications that analyze, interpret and automate the exploding volume of unstructured data. Business leaders, knowledge management professionals, customer support personnel and customers receive current knowledge and get relevant and actionable answers - fast.

Empolis is the provider of intelligent information management applications for companies and organizations who have recognized the great value for their company. Information in all varieties of formats and from any source are automatically transformed into valuable knowledge and delivered in real-time to the decision-maker. Information is converted into real knowledge capital and business processes are optimized.

Countless notable national and international enterprises (such as Airbus, BBC Monitoring, Bosch, Datev, European Patent Office, Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens, Versatel and Vodafone), as well as public organizations rely upon Empolis applications and our 20+ year experience in a wide range of industries and process know-how. Internationally, more than 200,000 registered business leaders and users utilize applications from the Attensity Group.


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SOURCE: Empolis GmbH

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