BANGKOK, December 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Barbara Bohle of the Medical University of Vienna was honoured today for her outstanding research within allergy with the Henning Løwenstein Research Award at the World Allergy Organization Congress in Bangkok.

The World's leading pharmaceutical company within allergy immunotherapy, ALK-Abelló, in collaboration with the premier global organization in the specialty of allergy, the World Allergy Organization (WAO), has established the new global allergy research award.

"Dr. Bohle's work has resulted in new insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of allergic disease with a special focus on the everyday quality of life of the allergic patient and will lead the way for future achievements to the benefit of people with allergies all over the world," said Henrik Jacobi, MD, EVP of Research & Development at ALK-Abelló.

For more than ten years Dr. Barbara Bohle has conducted research focused on the T cell of the allergic immune response. Her career has developed from basic studies on the biology of the T cell to the role of the T cell in allergen specific immunotherapy including suggestions for improved forms of specific treatment.

The immunological mechanism of specific immunotherapy is a strong example of her research. Her studies have shown that specific immunotherapies actually have the ability to influence the natural course of allergic disease and substantially improve quality of life for allergic patients.

Dr. Barbara Bohle has studied the mechanism of subcutaneous as well as sublingual immunotherapy and shown that although immunotherapy has early effects on symptom score and medication use, prolonged treatment leads to increasingly improved efficacy, which is rooted in an increasing number of immunological changes.

Based on the insight gained in her immunological studies, Dr. Barbara Bohle plans further research with a new treatment concept within specific immunotherapy; an innovative candidate for safer and more efficient specific treatments.

The Award

The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award is named after the Danish allergy research pioneer Henning Løwenstein, who took decisive part in the ground breaking discovery of new methods for allergen standardization in the 1970s and has contributed profoundly to allergy research ever since, not least as former Executive Vice President of Research at ALK-Abelló.

The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award builds on the tradition of a former research award that was introduced in 1999 in celebration of Henning Løwenstein's 25th anniversary at ALK-Abelló.

The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award in the future will be presented biennially to a research scientist who has shown excellence in the field of allergy in terms of contributing research results of potential significance for the future understanding and treatment of allergy.

The WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award is EUR 20,000. A travel grant to attend the World Allergy Congress and Awards Dinner was provided to Dr. Bohle.

About WAO

The World Allergy Organization (WAO) is an international umbrella organization whose members consist of 74 regional and national allergy and clinical immunology societies from around the world. By collaborating with member societies, WAO provides direct educational outreach programs, symposia and lectureships to WAO individual members in 92 countries. The organization was founded in 1951 and has successfully organized 19 major congresses. WAO also sponsors scientific symposia in developing areas throughout the world and jointly sponsors postgraduate programs on allergy and clinical immunology during professional, non-allergy association congresses. WAO is a member of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science (CIOMS) and has a working relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

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About ALK-Abelló

ALK-Abelló is devoted to improving the lives of people with allergies by developing pharmaceutical products that target the cause of allergy. ALK-Abelló is the world leader in allergy vaccination (immunotherapy) - a unique treatment that induces a protective immune response which reduces and potentially halts the allergic reaction. Allergy vaccination is traditionally administered as subcutaneous injections or sublingual droplets. ALK-Abelló aims to extend the use of allergy vaccination by introducing convenient tablet-based vaccines, thereby offering many more patients a causal allergy treatment. The World's first tablet-based vaccine against grass pollen allergy, GRAZAX(R), was launched in Europe in 2006/07. ALK-Abelló has more than 1,400 employees with subsidiaries, production facilities and distributors throughout the world. The company is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark and listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Further information is available at and

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For further information, please contact: Jacob Frische, Director, ALK-Abelló Group Communications, Phone: +45-4574-7551 or +45-2224-7551; Sharmi Albrechtsen, Manager, International Marketing, Phone: +45-4574-477-555