LOS ANGELES, February 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Bccthis, an innovative contextual messaging company which provides new modes of communication for email, micro-blogging and social networking services, today announced its official launch with a public beta for Microsoft Outlook and Twitter and plans to launch on the BlackBerry platform next month. The company also announced it raised US$500,000 in seed funding that includes participation from private investors.

Bccthis represents an evolution in the way we communicate. The technology extends capabilities and improves communication over digital media platforms by enabling a layer of added context to messaging services. The product suite is based on patent-pending technology that allows users to send secure private messages to selected recipients while simultaneously sending a message to a larger audience.

Email has hardly changed since the first email was sent 40 years ago, said Dave Waldman, CEO of Bccthis. Each messaging platform works more or less the same way, requiring users to send the same message to each recipient, despite the level of information possessed by, or relationship to, each recipient. Bccthis allows people to manage this information and relationship disparity in a fresh and intuitive fashion.

The Bccthis Outlook plug-in allows users to safely send personalized private messages to selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields along with their original email. Bccth.is, a full-fledged Twitter client, provides an interface to send direct messages to specific recipients along with the original tweet.

Both the Outlook plug-in and Twitter client provide an entirely safe and secure platform for consumers to use and are available in beta today at http://www.bccthis.com. The Bccthis BlackBerry email extension will be available for free through the BlackBerry app store later this month, and will allow users to compose Bccthis messages directly from their mobile devices.

The seed funding will be used to continue ongoing development of the Bccthis product suite for other popular email services allowing users to compose Bccthis messages on a wide range of clients and devices.

About Bccthis, LLC

Founded in 2009 by digital media veterans Dave Waldman and Michael Steuer, Bccthis is a Los Angeles based startup enabling new modes of messaging for email, micro-blogging and social networking services. The Bccthis product suite is based on patent-pending technology and is designed to address the information and relationship disparity that exists in digital communication. For email, Bccthis is a plug-in for the world's most popular mail client, Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to send personalized notes to selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc field. For Twitter, Bccth.is provides an interface and API to send a personalized direct message to selected recipients while tweeting to a broader group of followers. For more information, please visit http://www.bccthis.com.

SOURCE: Bccthis

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