LONDON, December 15 /PRNewswire/ -- BIS Ltd, a leading Data Centre and Managed Service Provider, has seen a huge surge in enquiries focussed on outsourcing server management. Historically, whilst BIS was recognised as a niche player in this market, we often saw deals going to 'big-name' competitors at the last hurdle. What we've seen over the last quarter is a huge surge in the take up of our managed services. New clients have told us that our extremely attractive pricing combined with reference customers praising our customer service caused them to take a much closer look at our offering, said David Pyemont, Chairman of BIS.

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Effective infrastructure and server management creates challenges for most organisations. Whilst security and uptime remain critical considerations, cost and customer service are increasingly driving business decisions.

BIS has been providing the full range of managed solutions, including end user Help Desk services, for years so we're really pleased that we're seeing our profile in this area rise, said Samantha Keating, Sales Director of BIS.

The uptake in our managed solutions is an excellent demonstration that managed IT outsourcing is being considered seriously by businesses. Whilst we have found that this is initially event driven, perhaps for reasons of cost reduction, businesses are realising that effective outsourcing ensures the customer can focus on their core business in what are proving to be very challenging times, says Raj Bosamia, Commercial Director of BIS.

With BIS' five Data Centres and a 10G high bandwidth network backbone, most customer solutions incorporate high availability/resilient architectures. BIS has gained a reputation for experience, quality and customer service at a very attractive price, which has driven the uptake of these services, says Samantha Keating, Sales Director

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BIS has been designing, building and managing IT infrastructure solutions for over 10 years. The company established its reputation as a customer focused technology partner following a number of high profile implementations with leading clients, primarily in the insurance, shipping, legal and media sectors.

As an independently owned service provider, our UK based team of leading technical, project and operational experts provide impartial advice on how best to meet your IT service delivery objectives.

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