SAN MATEO, California, March 5 /PRNewswire/ --

- Company Increases Focus on DKIM and Email Authentication

Bizanga, the global company behind the most scalable and full-featured e-mail and message processing platform, today announced an integration partnership with Brandmail Solutions, a leading provider of email verification and branding to thwart email phishing attacks.

Phishing is a serious concern for businesses and carriers alike, and Bizanga is committed to helping them address it. Brandmail Solutions' SbS 2.0TM is an application that signs outbound email from legitimate senders using Domain Keys and/or DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and authenticates them on the receiving side. After authenticating the message, the Brandmail system shows a security mark on the side of the message and also displays the senders' brand in the 'From' field of the inbox view; thus associating the brand with security and making it easily decernable from other email messages.

By verifying the sender, Brandmail greatly reduces phishing attacks, dramatically increases open rates, improves email user confidence and increases brand reputation and visibility. The Brandmail system can be implemented in any email environment and can be used for both promotional and transactional email. With Brandmail integrated into the Bizanga Intellegent Message Processor (IMP), it will be easier than ever for corporate email systems, Internet Service Providers and webmail providers to offer branded secure email to their users.

Through its partner program and innovative collaboration engine, Bizanga is creating a network of best-of-breed providers that enables customers to access the applications and services that best suit their business need and operating environment. The two companies plan to make the integrated updates available by the end of the second quarter 2008.

"With heightened interest in email certification, BrandMail Solutions is a terrific addition to Bizanga's partner network," according to David Harvey, head of partners and alliances for Bizanga. "Not only does Brandmail secure the integrity of company messages but presents their coporate brands as a secure mark to end users, thereby enhancing their brand and associating it with a secure message. Additionally, Brandmail leverages the Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)omain Keys Identified Mail (zes' Solutionssaging platform.l enable its client to ing platform, and Bizanga has the highest perf standard making it a perfect fit for Bizanga which already fully supports DKIM."

"Brandmail Solutions is very excited to join with Bizanga in providing our innovative solution," said Emanuel Younanzade, vice president of global channels for Brandmail Solutions. "The Bizanga partnership is important to our ability to serve the critical ISP/Carrier market, and provides a market-leading platform to showcase the power and performance of our product. Our strong position in the European and Asian Markets fits nicely with Bizanga's global presence as well. It's a great comfort to have a partner like Bizanga to work with."

About Bizanga

Bizanga is the global company that developed the most scalable and full-featured E-mail message processing and security platform, the Intelligent Message Processor(R) (IMP). The IMP can be deployed to protect an E-mail infrastructure from blended threats including spam, viruses, denial-of-service and harvest attacks. It can also be used to perform parental control, compliance/encryption services or simply to manage infrastructure migration or new service deployment. Designed especially for service providers, the IMP is extremely easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, including provisioning systems and message store. IMPs handle E-mail for millions of mailboxes throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Bizanga sells direct to Internet service providers, cable operators, fixed-line and mobile operators. The technology is also available on an OEM basis to application software vendors. Bizanga is a member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Work Group ( For more information about Bizanga, visit the company's Web site at

About Brandmail Solutions

Brandmail Solutions is a global pioneer in email verification and branding. Working with technology companies and service providers all across the email ecosystem, Brandmail Solutions provides a complete and scalable system that not only safeguards end users against phishing but also intuitively enhances the overall email experience.

With the SbS2.0(TM) Secure Branding System, Brandmail Solutions is quite literally "changing the face of email."(TM) Founded in 2006, Brandmail Solutions has offices in the United States, Ireland, and Germany.

Contacts: For Bizanga: Marc Sheldon, Bizanga Ltd., +1-650-356-8507,; For Brandmail: Seth Redmore, Brandmail Solutions Inc, +1-650-493-1779