STOCKHOLM, December 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions, today announced that the Swedish Armed Forces have approved the use of Blancco. Blancco's Swedish subsidiary has coordinated the evaluation through the Technical Infosec Department Security Division, Military Intelligence and Security Directorate of Sweden.

According to Fredrik Forslund, Managing Director of Blancco Sweden We are proud to have the prestigious customer relationship and security authority of the Swedish military. Gaining such a high level local approval ensures our Scandinavian and Nordic customers can rest assured Blancco have the best-in-class secure erasure solutions. A local certification is always important and has been requested by many Swedish public organizations as well as private companies Fredrik Forslund continues.

In addition to the security advantages, Blancco's solution also allows the safe redeployment or resale of valuable IT assets in terms of both cost reduction and additional revenue streams. All Blancco's customers in both the private and public sector can benefit from this environmentally friendly solution, especially when compared to more limiting alternatives such as physical destruction.

Pia Gruvo, Director Technical Infosec Department Security Division, Military Intelligence and Security Directorate confirmed Blancco has been awarded our Certificate of Approval for use by the Swedish Armed Forces as verskrivningsverktyg 2.0, M3184-097601 for secure erasure of magnetic media in accordance with document HKV 10 750:53093.

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CONTACT: Blancco Ltd. Media Contacts (English): Rob Connell,+358-207-433-878, Fredrik Forslund (Swedish):Country Manager Sweden, +46-70-710-7787, NeaKolmonen (Finnish), Direct Line: +358-207-433-878,