SAN FRANCISCO, June 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- blinkx, the world's largest and most advanced video search engine, today launched four custom browser add-ons that will turn everyday Internet browsing into a true video experience for Windows Internet Explorer 8 users.

Together or separately, these four add-ons will change the way users interact with, their Internet Explorer 8 browser and video on the Web, said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. As the Web moves increasingly towards video, our goal is to make finding that video as simple, seamless and integrated a process as possible.

Microsoft is pleased blinkx was able to customize useful tools such as Web Slices, Accelerators and Visual Search for its site visitors who are using Internet Explorer 8, said Rob Pulciani, senior marketing manager in the Microsoft U.S. Business and Marketing Organization. These options allow the blinkx community to enjoy the benefits of the content from from anywhere on the Web.

Visual Search and the blinkx Accelerator offer users immediate, integrated access to blinkx's massive library of over 35 million hours of video, conveniently built into the browser, while two distinct blinkx Remote Web Slices give entertainment lovers instant access to their top shows and movies, right from their Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar.

- blinkx Visual Search: an add-on that makes the Web's largest video index searchable from the Internet Explorer 8 search bar, without ever leaving the page you're on. Once added to Internet Explorer 8, blinkx instantly displays matching video previews in a drop-down menu as a term is typed into the browser search bar. If you want to see more video choices, one click loads the blinkx results page for a comprehensive list of videos matching your search. All the convenience of a browser search, but with results you can watch. - blinkx Accelerator: a unique new way of finding videos about anything that catches your eye on the Web, whether it's a politician who just made a terrible gaffe or a place you're dying to visit. After highlighting a piece of text on a Web page, you can simply click on the blue Accelerator icon that appears next to the text and the blinkx Accelerator will show you video results most closely related to the highlighted text. No need to enter a separate search, this new tool allows you to delve deeper into any subject and experience it in video with one click. - blinkx Remote TV Search Slice: a drop-down blinkx Remote that makes it easy to search for any TV show or movie, right from your Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar. The green Web Slice icon in the Command Bar lets a user subscribe to this feature and gain quick, instant access to a blinkx Remote mini-site, which displays every TV show available and the link to watch it in a new tab, turning your Favorites Bar into a virtual remote control that never gets lost in the couch cushions. - blinkx Remote TV Episode Slice: a convenient add-on to fit your personal TV obsession. Gaga for Grey's Anatomy? Hooked on How I Met Your Mother? Never miss an episode again with this specialized Web Slice for the Internet Explorer 8 Favorites Bar. Available for any show on blinkx Remote and updated in real-time, a drop-down mini-site displays every episode of the series available to watch and even indicates which ones are new. Waste less time scouring the Web for this week's new episodes and more time actually watching them.

For more information on blinkx's convenient and easy-to-use video search add-ons, created specifically for the Internet Explorer 8 browser, please visit

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blinkx plc is the world's largest and most advanced video search engine. Today, blinkx has indexed more than 35 million hours of audio, video, viral and TV content, and made it fully searchable and available on demand. blinkx's founders set out to solve a significant challenge - as TV and user-generated content on the Web explode, keyword-based search technologies only scratch the surface. blinkx's patented search technologies listen to - and even see - the Web, helping users enjoy a breadth and accuracy of search results not available elsewhere. In addition, blinkx powers the video search for many of the world's most frequented sites. blinkx is based in San Francisco and London. More information is available at

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