PARIS, June 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the successful release of Fotochat for mobile (with 1.4 million girls and boys already registered), the newest version of Fotochat is now available on iPhone.

It has kept the look feel and super simple navigation that made this mobile service so successful, while adding a truly fun and romantic functionality which will soon be part of your life!

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Blow your Love (c)

Blow on your iPhone and it will find someone who is ONLINE near you and matches your profile (age, city, preferences)

Your iPhone sends thousands of little hearts to the screen and searches for a person of the same age group and city as you, who also just blew on her iPhone... Her high-definition picture appears on your screen.

You can then begin to send real time messages. It's magic!

Fotochat is one of the best Casual Dating service. It allows you to meet new people, in a very simple way, wherever you are.

Fotochat equals after work fun, every day at any time, in 2 clicks and one puff of breath. It means lots of love for the entire summer!

Fotochat will be available at AppStore as of June 21, 2009. Registering takes exactly one minute, and the free LITE version will let you discover the service. This service remains free for girls 24/7.

It's summertime, time to blow!

About UTEL -

Based in Paris and created in 2000, UTEL is a French company offering the best general public mobile applications of the market. For the last 2 years, UTEL has been establishing strategic partnerships with the largest operators for Fotochat, which ranks in the top 5 applications preferred by Internet users.

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