LONDON, December 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Bodog Europe, the European licensee of the world's largest betting brand*, opened their new offices in Oxford Circus in July but with a relentless recruitment drive fuelled by prolific business growth they have opened another larger one round the corner on Regents Street.

In a bid to attract the best of the industry Bodog Europe - recently described by EGaming Review as 'THE dream place to work' - has a strategic desire to offer employees the best locations to work in. Hence, they now have two offices in London and one in Barcelona, rather than in some of the more industry standard locations.

And the system seems to work, having, in the last 3 months, recruited: David O'Callaghan (Fraud) and Kris Marshall (Business Intelligence) from Full Tilt, Dave Edwards (QA) and Stuart Tilly (Legal) from SportingBet, Gary Myers (Affiliates) from Partry Gaming, Jesper Svesson (Casino marketing) and Paul Ngoie (SEO) from Ladbrokes, Kemley Sellars (PPC) and Anthony Lea (Product Manager) from Betfair, as well as Karolina Pelc (CRM) from Paddy Power.

To continue the drive for personel the Bodog Nation booth at ICE will be what they believe to be the first operator branded stand purely for recruitment...come and see us and bring your CV along too.

Patrik Selin, Bodog Europe's CEO, explains: "It is my firm belief that the battle ground for egaming over the coming years is all about talent. You see many of the big names in the industry making good strategic decisions but they don't always execute them. I believe this is largely down to the people they have around them - a good driver cannot make a slow car go faster. We believe we are attracting a team that can help us establish the Bodog brand strongly in Europe, in the same way it is across the rest of the world, but we are actively looking for more talent."

* Independent research shows Bodog to be the biggest online gaming brand in the world according Google Alerts:

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