LONDON, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The London Borough of Brent Council has selected an autonomous web based SMS software from, text message provider, Text Messaging Centre (TMC) in order to communicate quickly and efficiently with both its staff and borough residents.

Brent, in North West London, is one of the UK's largest boroughs with a population of almost 270,000. TMC and Brent Council have been working together for the past four years. The web based SMS software and text messaging solution provides an additional form of contact for the public to supplement traditional means such as telephone, fax, email and the internet. Using TMC's text messaging solution, the council is now able to deal with residents' queries much more quickly and keep them up-to-date with the status of their enquiry.

Brent Council is now on average sending up to 5000 text messages every week across a number of different council departments, including Building Control, Planning, Streetcare, Transportation, Environmental Health, Education and Revenues and Benefits.

Alpesh Kerai, Information Systems Analyst for Brent Council explains, Once an application is received by Building Control from an agent, a text message is sent out as confirmation, followed by regular updates. Using TMC's web based SMS software speeds up the process considerably and time is money. In the past builders suspended work until an approval for the next stage of development had been granted, but now as soon as the decision has been made by Building Control a text message is sent out and the builders can continue to work whilst awaiting for a written confirmation to come through the post.

TMC is a leading text message provider, supplying Brent with a web-based text messaging solution that can be accessed from any computer within the council. The TMC technology is so simple to use that a new user can be trained on the system in around fifteen minutes Kerai continues. We are actively implementing the text messaging solution throughout different departments, so being able to train people quickly on using the application is a huge benefit. We currently send 5000 text messages every week but the number does vary and is expected to rise; so the no-contract, no-minimum-term, no-fixed-monthly-fee terms and conditions TMC offer suits us perfectly.

Since the contract began approximately four years ago the council has added a number of other applications from the leading text message provider, TMC, including the use of inbound text (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS).

Kerai concludes, We are extremely pleased with the service we have received from TMC. They have worked alongside us to improve our service delivery at a minimum cost. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with TMC with a number of plans currently in the pipeline. These include a pilot scheme involving nurseries, creches and schools.

Peter Tanner, Managing Director of TMC, comments, We have a fantastic relationship with Brent Council and it is a pleasure to be providing a text messaging solution that has had such a positive impact on a large organisation. I am very much looking forward to working with Brent in the near future to implement further schemes and services to improve the Council's customer delivery whilst also increasing time and cost savings.

About Text Messaging Centre

TMC provides controlled and managed autonomous web-based text messaging solutions for business. This UK market leader in innovative SMS messaging, specializes in producing software tools and offering services which allow organisations to control their own sending and receiving of unlimited global text messages. TMC customers span public and private sectors, SME to Enterprise.

TMC provides its customers with a completely scalable, web-based SMS platform, making it simple, easy and cost effective for organisations to communicate quickly and economically with both clients and staff. The organisation's no contract, no minimum term, no monthly charge approach has attracted such customers as Tube Lines, Home House, Brent London Borough Council and Bupa.

For further information, please contact: Andy Allen Text Messaging Centre Tel: +44-(0)207-224-4331 Web: Web: Sally Morgan/Kirsty Cornell The itpr Partnership Tel: +44-(0)1932-578800 Web:

For further information, please contact: Andy Allen, Text Messaging Centre, Tel: +44-(0)207-224-4331, Web: Web: Sally Morgan/Kirsty Cornell, The itpr Partnership, Tel: +44-(0)1932-578800, Web: