LONDON, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The publication recognised that since launching their managed telepresence service in July 2008, Tata Communications has been leading the industry with their innovative and comprehensive strategy. According to Peter Quinlan, Tata Communications is the first provider to open public telepresence rooms, with a global network of public telepresence rooms which customers can access on a pay-per-use basis. Starting with four public rooms in India, their coverage has expanded to ten rooms: Mumbai, Bangalore (2 rooms), Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, London, Boston, Manila and also Santa Clara, California (Cisco location). Tata Communications plans to significantly expand their global network of rooms by the end of 2009.

Tata Communications' managed telepresence service is a comprehensive suite of services to help enterprises manage their entire internal telepresence solution, while maintaining a very low total cost of ownership. This involves deploying rooms and setting up of the overall network, to remote monitoring and management, helpdesk, concierge, and scheduling, Tata Communications serves as a single point of accountability, allowing customers to focus on their meetings, not their technology.

To complete their offering and achieve their goal of enabling any-room-to-any-room interconnectivity, just as exists today in the telephony world, Tata Communications will be launching its global meeting exchange services later this year. This will enable meetings between any two telepresence rooms subscribed to the service, regardless of the network service provider.

Claude Sassoulas, Head of Europe for Tata Communications said while accepting the award, This is a validation from European CEO on behalf of their judging panel that we have a ground-breaking service that is a comprehensive solution for their business requirement.

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