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- Jones Knowledge's new online offering focused on businesses and government agencies that interact with Muslim community

A leading provider of quality interactive online education, Jones Knowledge Group(R) (JKG(R)) today announced it has signed a deal to bring its new Understanding Islam: An Introduction to police officers in the Metropolitan Police (MPS) Territorial Police Command in London.

The 100% online course is designed for corporations, school districts, governmental organizations, including law enforcement agencies, and other learners who would benefit from understanding the historical context of Islam, the complexities of the culture, and gain the tools necessary to improve their relations with Muslims worldwide. Understanding Islam is the first in the Jones Cultural Diversity Series of online courses designed to bring enlightenment, respect and tolerance for a variety of world cultures.

Chief Superintendent Dave Grant, who has the lead for faith issues for the MPS, praised the course for its depth of knowledge about Islam and will be seeking it to be core training for MPS officers.

"The terrorist attacks in recent years have caused us, the Met Police, to focus activities around those who present the greatest danger to our communities, i.e. radical Muslims," he said. "Part of that involves far greater police community engagement between all communities likely to be affected. We have the largest Muslim and Jewish community populations living side by side in the whole UK. We are proud that we, the local communities, have been very effective in preventing racial crimes as a result of terrorism but have actually helped to encourage a whole range of activities involving all our communities to bring them closer and improve understanding of each other's cultures."

Grant said he believed his knowledge of Islam was strong, until he completed the Understanding Islam course.

"I can only say that my knowledge now is far superior to what it was," he said. "I found it to be eminently user-friendly, very informative and highly useful to operational police officers. Far, far better than anything I have seen in police circles before." Grant has purchased a number of courses for his officers to help them deliver operational policing but with a greater understanding and empathy for Muslim communities.

Developed by an esteemed group of Islamic scholars, led by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, the course creates a foundation for understanding, mutual respect and constructive engagement, and teaches students new skills to affect more positive interactions, whether they are conducting business in an Islamic country, teaching Islamic students or working with Islamic people.

The course is comprised of six modules, with topics including history, faith/beliefs, women in Islam, and terrorism. Delivered in an engaging, completely online format, Understanding Islam also provides real-life scenarios in which learners may choose appropriate courses of action to improve mutual communication and interaction. Organizations also have the option of purchasing scenarios that are customized to their specific work environment and corporate regulations.

The content in Understanding Islam is appropriate for the education, corporate and diplomatic sectors, and Jones Knowledge currently is in negotiations with several U.S. government agencies and private sector corporations on making this course available to their employees.

"With economic globalization and Islam being the fastest-growing religion in the world, the need for strong relations between Westerners and Muslims is more important than ever, especially in our post-9/11 world," according to Terry Erdle, President of Jones Knowledge.

"Understanding Islam: An Introduction can bridge that gap of ignorance and fear by giving learners knowledge, context and real-world skills in which to affect positive change around the world," he said.

To learn more about this course or to arrange a speaking engagement/free demonstration with Jones Knowledge and Ambassador Ahmed, please contact Jacqui Fogg at Ms. Fogg is scheduled to speak this year on interfaith dialogue and present the Understanding Islam course demo at the Los Angeles Press Club.

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