COLOGNE, Germany, November 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Tributus moves another step forward with release 2.0 of its Business Audit Platform CIC. CIC is the very first real Business Audit Platform fully dedicated to auditing, compliance requirements and exclusive financial data access without impairing ongoing 'live' business transactions and ERP applications, providing balance statements at the click of a button.

Early in 2003, the developers of Compliance Information Center wanted to offer access to and the deployment of financial data from both legacy and freshly migrated applications under just one roof. Tax and financial auditors alike had complained of lengthy archive retrieval and, especially in the case of shut down legacy systems, a battle with different deployment paradigms that were often considered inefficient and cumbersome by the company's own finance staff; a situation often compounded by IT's anxiety about possible disruption of live operations.

Immediately after Eurosox took effect auditors refused to testify to the correctness of financial statements unless provided with sufficient documentation of business procedures. As a result this documentation was included in the Business Audit Platform. The multilingual W3-based design eases financial data access for distributed organisations, allowing local auditing and headquarter-central data storage. Shutting down subsidiary legacy systems containing data needed for i18N proved to be fairly trivial.

In addition to compliance with SOX, EUROSOX and various local tax laws, CIC has proven to be an extremely productive tool of internal control and financial data administration; it is currently used by major company groups throughout Europe.

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