LONDON, December 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In the news release, "The Diesel Emissions Conference is now in Asia" issued on 5 Dec 2007 09:00 GMT, by Integer Research Ltd over PR Newswire, we are advised by a representative of the company that in the last sentance of the first paragraph Shanghai should be written after Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park. In the contacts the phone number should read +44-20-7503-1265 instead of +44(0)207-503-1124. The email address has been added to the contact information as originally issued inadvertently. Complete, corrected release follows:

The Diesel Emissions Conference (DEC) is now in Asia Pacific. Integer has held this strategic business conference for the last three years in Europe, and in 2008 it will be hosted in Asia too. The conference will take place in the Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park, Shanghai on 11 & 12 March.

"Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in Asia-Pacific are facing a tough new challenge, to bring low-emissions diesel vehicles onto Asia's city streets and highways," says Integer Director, Christopher Pett. "They are currently facing the same Euro IV diesel emission standards that Europe faced some years ago, and the commercial opportunities are similar, if not greater. There is money to be made, but there is also threat from competition."

Businesses from all over the world are entering the Asian market, looking for partners, suppliers and sales. Technologies already tried and tested in Europe and the United States are suitable to meet Asia's tightening clean air standards. At the same time, a healthy market for local technology solutions will give Asian enterprises a competitive advantage in many cases.

"It is for these reasons we will host the DEC in Asia. Delegates can discover the commercial opportunities for their business in Asia-Pacific, and make sure they stay ahead of their competition," says Integer Events Producer, Cindy Zhang.

"The programme provides the opportunity to meet speakers and delegates from Asia, Europe and the United States. Our goal is for delegates to create partnerships between and inside their regions; to encourage customer supply relationships, joint ventures and investments. This is the first time that all parties involved in the industry in Asia-Pacific can meet to discuss their diesel emissions business strategy," continues Zhang.

The panel of 20 expert speakers has direct experience of the many important issues that affect the diesel emissions market: from governmental and international regulations, fuel quality, AdBlue supply, powertrain development and aftertreatment equipment technology.

Keynote presentations are by Cornie Huizenga, Executive Director, Clean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities and Ekkehard Strobel, Project Leader EURO6, EPA10, JP09, Global Aftertreatment Systems, Daimler.

There are also presentations from Volvo, FedEx, BMW, Haldor Topsoe, Total, Shell, Yara, Nissan Diesel, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Environmental Protection Department, BASF, European Commission, Dinex, Wema, Johnson Matthey and the Korea Automotive Technology Institute.

"Many of these companies have already had to adhere to stricter diesel emissions for some years in Europe. This is an opportunity for Asian delegates to learn from the European experience, and discover how Euro IV will affect their business," says Zhang.

There are also opportunities for companies outside of the region, particularly AdBlue suppliers and distributors, and those producing SCR, EGR and diesel aftertreatment systems. Asia's varied climate, terrain, road network and economic development means it is hard to predict which of these systems will profit most from an introduction to local markets.

The DEC Asia 08 is supported by the Clean Air Initiative - Asia, and BASF is the main sponsor.

Editorial Contacts Integer Research David Greene +44-20-7503-1265.

Editorial Contacts: Integer Research, David Greene, +44(0)207-503-1124