DITTON PARK, England, October 26 /PRNewswire/ -- CA, Inc. today unveiled CA ecoSoftware ( http://www.ca.com/us/energy-software.aspx ) products that are designed to help enterprises to manage the implementation, progress and outcomes of global sustainability initiatives more effectively, to measure and report reliably on energy and natural resource consumption, to account for carbon emissions and to reduce energy costs across the datacenter and facilities. CA offers a comprehensive solution addressing sustainability management, carbon management, environmental assessments and operational energy management.

The two new CA ecoSoftware products include CA ecoGovernance 1.5, a carbon and sustainability management solution available On Demand via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and CA ecoMeter 1.5, an on-premise operational energy management solution. Delivered 100% over the Web, CA On Demand solutions are available anywhere, fully secure and rapidly scalable.

Energy security, climate change legislation and a groundswell in public opinion on the need for more sustainable business models, make sustainability a Board Room issue-not just a lip service issue, said David Metcalfe, director at Verdantix. With this increased level of interest comes the need for organizations to manage energy, carbon and sustainability efforts across the business in a more efficient way. CA ecoSoftware delivers the capabilities organizations need to better track the rapidly changing regulatory requirements for carbon accounting, and they provide a roadmap for managing broader sustainability and energy management efforts.

Better Manage Sustainability Initiatives Across the Enterprise

CA ecoGovernance includes a centralized repository and management dashboard that provides sustainability officers, energy and carbon managers, and other employees with visual tools for gaining improved control over enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives. It offers a common source of data based on a shared set of terms and categories, helping to facilitate collaboration, and serves as a fully-auditable system of record. CA ecoGovernance also features advanced sustainability program and project management capabilities, the ability to evaluate progress against business objectives, and automated survey assessments for use internally and externally (with suppliers or other third parties).

With CA ecoGovernance, organizations can better: - Calculate, track, and manage carbon emissions and other environmental activity including water and waste - Measure consumption and spend associated with energy and natural resources - Enhance supply chain visibility with supplier assessments - Improve stakeholder engagement and communication - Evaluate sustainability investment decisions - Mitigate risk and track compliance with energy mandates

Measure Energy Used by Facilities and Datacenters

CA ecoMeter is an operational energy management solution that captures detailed energy-related information from devices within the datacenter and in other facilities across the enterprise. It is designed to allow IT, datacenter and facilities managers to attribute energy consumption and power demand to specific devices, business units, or buildings, and helps to monitor, measure, and optimize the savings of server consolidation and virtualization efforts in the datacenter. Managed services providers can leverage CA ecoMeter to more accurately account for energy consumption down to the customer level, leading to more rapid, accurate and flexible pricing models.

With CA ecoMeter, enterprises can better: - Understand patterns of energy consumption and power use - Reduce operational energy costs - Measure energy efficiency using metrics such as PUE and DCiE - Gain greater peace of mind though improved monitoring, trending and alerting - Reduce costs through enhanced asset utilization - Discover sub-optimal equipment and operations - Assign energy costs appropriately to business units or customers

CA ecoSoftware can help our customers become better prepared, more effective and leaner when tackling complex sustainability initiatives across the enterprise, providing technology they need to demonstrate where and how they are really making a difference, said Terrence Clark, senior vice president and general manager of ecoSoftware at CA, Inc. We've seen with our customers that CA ecoSoftware can help companies capture data more quickly, calculate more accurately, and communicate those figures with greater confidence. It can also help them to achieve new levels of visibility and insight to choose and execute the initiatives that have the greatest potential impact on overall sustainability efforts. CA ecoSoftware gives organizations the tools to help reduce energy consumption and costs, to report and mitigate environmental risks, to identify and seize new opportunities, and to improve the bottom line showing real progress and results.

Datotel, a St. Louis, MO-based provider of business solutions including private cloud computing, colocation, and hosted managed services, recently began a wide-spread implementation of CA ecoMeter 1.5 across its datacenter facility. The company needed to replace an outdated energy management system to monitor all existing energy-related devices (e.g. racks, generators and cooling units), and was looking for a solution that could also track energy use down to the customer level, allowing Datotel to share that data on a monthly basis via its online customer portal.

We've been very pleased with the outcome of our initial implementation, completed earlier this year. CA ecoMeter allows us to better monitor and manage our datacenter capacity and energy use, and we're now in the process of expanding the solution throughout our datacenter, said Eric McFarland, facility manager at Datotel. We're also now able to more accurately track energy consumption down to the individual customer, allowing us to provide more detailed, automated invoicing of energy use, rather than relying on time-consuming calculations in spreadsheets. Our customers appreciate this new level of transparency, and can also use the data we provide to improve their efficiency-by better managing server load, for example-saving them money.

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