DITTON PARK, England, October 26 /PRNewswire/ -- CA today announced plans to deliver Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management ( http://www.ca.com/us/content/campaign.aspx?cid=219967) (Cross Enterprise APM), a comprehensive solution for managing application performance in real time across mainframe and distributed environments. The solution will combine the strengths of CA Wily APM ( http://www.ca.com/us/application-performance-management.aspx) and CA SYSVIEW(R) (http://www.ca.com/us/mainframe-performance-management.aspx) to offer deep visibility into transactions across mainframe and distributed systems, and provide functionality designed to help customers more rapidly detect and resolve application performance problems before they impact service levels or revenue streams.

Continuous availability and high performance of applications is critical for customer retention and overall business success in today's highly competitive markets. CA's Cross Enterprise APM ( http://www.ca.com/us/demos/collateral.aspx?cid=218839) can help IT organizations optimize performance and availability by measuring the experience of end users and providing a comprehensive understanding of how the distributed and mainframe computing resources along the transaction path are affecting that experience.

The gulf that has historically divided mainframe systems management and distributed systems management at most IT organizations is extremely problematic when it comes to maintaining the health of the kind of multi-tier applications widely in use today, said Bill Malik, research director, Gartner. By offering a practical way to bridge this gulf, tools that collect and assess information from multiple platforms can help IT organizations do a better job of ensuring optimized service levels for these multi-tier applications.

Deep Visibility into Application and Transaction Behavior

Many organizations leverage their investments in mainframe applications, processing power, and storage to drive distributed and/or web-based services. It can be difficult, however, to proactively manage and effectively troubleshoot applications that utilize a combination of mainframe and distributed infrastructure-because separate teams with different tools, different skill sets, and a limited ability to share data with each other are typically responsible for each respective platform.

CA's Cross Enterprise APM helps overcome these issues by integrating the real-time monitoring functionality of CA SYSVIEW with CA Wily APM's powerful application performance management capabilities. CA's Wily APM software already provides support for managing mission critical applications running on distributed and mainframe systems, including z/OS(R) and Linux(R) on System z(R), and the ability to monitor transactions across these environments. The new solution leverages CA SYSVIEW to:

- Incorporate insight into the performance of other key mainframe resources such as IBM's z/OS operating system, IBM(R) CICS(R) and IBM WebSphere(R) MQ, and CA's Datacom(R) database, into a customizable enterprise dashboard - Provide CICS transaction tracing to help identify and isolate performance problems within the CICS Transaction Server - Map CICS transaction loads to applications, providing a global view of resource utilization

For example, assume a large brokerage firm, using dozens of technicians, deploys a complex trading application that interacts with multiple infrastructure tiers including distributed and mainframe. If performance of that application deteriorates, multiple stakeholders across the different functional areas would likely get involved to diagnose and triage the issue. This could result in confusion about where the issue lies and finger pointing. By implementing CA's Cross Enterprise APM solution, these teams would have a comprehensive view of the trading application in a single, consolidated dashboard. These capabilities could help them to reduce their time to repair and the number of unproductive conference room triage meetings.

Such cross-platform insight can make it easier for IT organizations to:

- Centralize application performance monitoring and management - Discover and triage application performance issues across functional silos - Detect and resolve developing application performance issues before they impact service levels to the end user - Improve staff productivity by facilitating collaboration across silos - Roll out new multi-tier applications and services with greater confidence, faster time-to-value, and reduced cost of ownership

As IT organizations have added multiple layers of technology to their environments, it has created complexity that makes it harder to identify and resolve application and transaction performance problems that affect critical business services, said Ajei Gopal, executive vice president, products and technology group at CA. By spanning layers of mainframe and distributed systems, Cross Enterprise APM can enable IT organizations to cope with this complexity and deliver superior service levels to end-users.

Cross Enterprise APM supports CA's strategic Mainframe 2.0 (http://www.ca.com/lean-it-mainframe.aspx) initiative by helping to reduce the cost of mainframe ownership and making it easier for a new generation of IT professionals to assume responsibility for mainframe management tasks. These benefits are especially compelling for the growing number of IT organizations that are seeing their mainframe workloads increase.

Visit CA (http://www.ca.com/us/content/campaign.aspx?cid=219967) for more information about CA's Cross Enterprise APM.

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