OSLO, Norway, March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cfengine, the technology leader in datacenter automation, and C12G Labs, the leader in private cloud computing management, announced today the availability of integration between Cfengine Nova and OpenNebulaPro for the automatic creation and management of virtualized data centerand cloud environments. The connection between both state-of-the-art technologies allows companies to easily and quickly define, install and configure new physical resources and to automatically create and scale the services running in the cloud.

OpenNebulaPro is the supported and certified enterprise-grade distribution of the widely used OpenNebula toolkit for cloud computing. OpenNebula is used by thousands of organizations to build large-scale production public and private clouds using KVM, Xen and VMware, and hybrid clouds using Amazon Web Services. The cloud management tool includes features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting that many enterprise IT shops need for cloud adoption.

Cfengine Nova is a cutting-edge enterprise solution for managing IT operations. It is designed with the importance of IT and business alignment in mind and has a direct positive impact on business performance. This is achieved through a state-of-the-art overview of IT resources, allowing for maximum transparency and ensuring compliance. Cfengine Nova has been adapted to the growing need for agility and allows for a quick response to new business initiatives. Several thousands of companies have realized the benefits of Cfengine and have implemented it on millions of machines worldwide.

OpenNebulaPro and Cfengine Nova are both the result of many years of research and development to address enterprise system management challenges in large-scale data centers. Their combination brings real innovation to the market by providing an easy, agile and consistent setup and operation of cloud infrastructures, ensuring the correct running of all the involved layers in an Infrastructure as a Service setup.

Many companies, and especially Fortune 500 companies, are in the process of evaluating cloud computing technologies in a quest to decide whether the claims of this technology are legitimate or not. The benefits of this partnership for these businesses include cost savings in hardware and in management of infrastructure and services.

The Dutch Supercomputing Centre SARA (StichtingAcademischRekencentrum) is one of the top 500 supercomputing sites in the world. The organization has implemented a combination of Cfengine and Open Nebula and offers its cloud services to the Dutch community of scientists, ranging from ranging from bio-informatics to linguistics. The use of OpenNebula allows these researchers to operate their very own virtual private HPC cluster, with fully autonomous configurations and on-demand scalability. Cfengine ensures security and adds versatility to the project, very easily supporting continuous improvements and rapid expansion.

"We are pleased to be able to extend our customers' data center Management options with a leading automation framework like Cfengine," said Ignacio M. Llorente, Chief Executive Advisor of C12G Labs and Project Director of OpenNebula. "This integration also creates big value to the open- Source communities that contribute to both technologies."

Mark Burgess, CTO and founder of Cfengine, believes that "effortless recycling of dynamically managed computing resources is the way of the future, and OpenNebula takes an important step in that direction. What Cfengine adds is self-healing compliance and rapid standardization of systems so that they can be used immediately to solve real world problems. We are excited to have a strong European partnership with Open Nebula."