CHENGDU, China, February 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone passed an acceptance check carried out by the State Council joint inspection team on Feb. 25, and started operation officially. The Comprehensive Bonded Zone is located in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone with a planned area of 4.68 km2. The built-up Comprehensive Bonded Zone already has the presence of over 20 companies including Intel, Foxconn, Dell, Lenovo, Texas Instruments and Molex, with nearly 50,000 people working inside the zone.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone is an important iPad manufacturing base. According to the plan, two thirds of the iPads sold in the world will be shipped out from here. The annual output of iPad here is expected to reach 40 million units in 2011 and 100 million units in 2013. At present, Intel is producing 50% of the chips used in laptops in the entire world here, and TI also built its first manufacturing base in mainland China here in October last year. An IT industrial cluster with an output value of 500 billion RMB is expected to take shape in Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone in 2015.

The comprehensive bonded zone has the most comprehensive functions and the best policies among all the special zones supervised by customs in China. When Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone officially starts operation, companies inside the zone can conduct various business including processing, manufacturing, R&D, repairs, testing, logistics, trade, bonded warehousing, international transit, distribution and product showcasing.

It is reported that the development of laptop and tablet manufacturing, wafer manufacturing, testing and assembly, electronic parts and components and precision machinery processing, and the biopharmaceutical industry will be prioritized in Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone.