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- Leading UK Asthma Research Charity Calls for a Change to EU Regulatory Procedures Following Launch of Influential Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Report.

Asthma, Allergy & Inflammation Research (AAIR), the charity that raises money for asthma research at the University of Southampton , today reinforced the urgent need for action to be taken to ensure that asthma sufferers across the EU received consistent and appropriate treatment. The charity's comments follow the launch today of 'Asthma in the EU: Towards better management and regulation of a public health issue' a report conducted by the Centre for European Policy (CEPS) commissioned by AAIR.

The report identified gaps and inconsistencies in EU policy making, and called for greater assessment and coordination of procedures to be responsive to scientific advance. A prime example is the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) which provides guidance in key therapeutic areas. Official guidance needs to be revised frequently in light of emerging scientific knowledge and formally involve frequent consultation with key stakeholders.

Professor Stephen Holgate, University of Southampton, welcomed the findings of the report, "It is the impact on the asthma patient that is the distressing result of these inconsistencies, which in some cases lead to inappropriate treatment recommendations causing unnecessary illness and suffering."

He added, "Asthma is a respiratory manifestation of a systemic inflammatory processes. Asthma is increasing throughout the world in all age groups, particularly in children and procedures must be put in place to ensure that scientific advances are swiftly available to all patients across Europe."

Founded in Brussels in 1983, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) is among the most experienced and authoritative think tanks operating in the European Union today.

AAIR commissioned the report following the launch of the Brussels Declaration in May of this year. The Declaration is a ten point action plan created by leading European medical experts and politicians to challenge the current status quo and make asthma a political and medical priority. For more information and a copy of the ten point declaration please visit

The CEPS report was launched at a meeting today in the European Parliament. If you would like the opportunity to discuss the report and its impact on patients with Professor Stephen Holgate please contact:

Charlotte Vereker: +44-207-413-3240 email: John Gisborne: +44-207-4133157 email:

Charlotte Vereker: +44-207-413-3240, email:; John Gisborne: +44-207-4133157, email: