LANCASTER, England, October 31 /PRNewswire/ -- today launched a new search engine marketing service for Western companies seeking to target the rapidly expanding Chinese market.

The new service, the first of its kind delivered by a Western company, will provide everything businesses need to successfully market themselves online in mainland China, including a Chinese language website, Chinese web hosting and the required government licences.

In a market where language and legal problems have long proved to be barriers to entry, the service will pave the way for Western companies eager to take advantage of the booming Chinese economy, whose annual imports now exceed $800 billion USD.

As a UK company with its own offices in China, are ideally positioned to act as a gateway into the Chinese market, as Andrew Clarke, Co-Director explains,

"We've been operating in China since early 2004 and now employ over 80 Chinese staff. Our customers get all the benefits of our expertise in the Chinese market, combined with the ease of dealing with our English-speaking UK team."

"There is a huge demand in China for Western goods and services, but companies often fail because they haven't properly understood how to approach the market. We have the regional knowledge and in-house specialists needed to create a fully localized search engine marketing campaign that can effectively target China's 162 million strong Internet user base."'s legal status in China also offers their customers another important advantage. Due to the strict regulation of the Internet in China, all Chinese hosted websites must have an operating licence from the government. As a legally registered entity in China, Backbone is able to apply for these licences on their customers' behalf.

"When targeting the Chinese market, hosting your website in China is essential," Andrew adds, "...unless you are hosted inside the so-called 'Great Firewall of China' your site is either likely to be blocked or so slow loading that Chinese Internet users will give up on it. By securing the proper licences for our customers, we can ensure their websites have far greater stability and vastly increase their potential audience."

Full details on the China search marketing service are available at

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