HAIFA, Israel, July 21 --

- Chip PC New, Expandable Windows Embedded Standard 2009(R) Platform Features
Active-Directory-Based Management and Tight Security

HAIFA, Israel, July 21 --

Chip PC Technologies, a global technology leader in thin client and virtual
desktop solutions, today announced the release of a new powerful, compact,
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 thin-client - the EX-PC XPD4741. The new offering
integrates Intel(R) Atom processor with latest Windows Embedded features and the
robust Xcalibur Global management software. Resulting in a small foot print,
high-performance, fully managed device with low power consumption, it is the
perfect desktop for users that require high-end functionality, including
multiple displays and demanding applications. The new XPD4741 is specifically
designed for server-based and desktop virtualization environments, supporting
PXE boot, multi DVI LCD displays and optional internal wireless solution.

The XPD4741 is the smartest, most compact, Windows Embedded thin client on the
market functioning seamlessly with Server Based and Virtual Desktop environments
says Adi Dulberg, Chip PC CEO, We put special effort in offering an intelligent
management to the XPD4741, as part of our advanced portfolio of thin client
solutions, covering CE and Linux-based devices as well. The Chip PC Xcalibur
Global XP Client enables complete policy-based, remote management of the XPD4741
from a central location, including inventory status, session management and
integration with Active Directory. It offers device configuration management
based on users groups policies. Additional tools to manage the XPD4741 are
Altiris(R) Deployment Solution and Microsoft(R) WDS (Windows Deployment Server),
enabling remote deployment and updates of clients from a central location.
Coupled with unequalled management software, the XPD4741 truly forms the thin
client of choice for many organizations.

The XPD4741 is available for orders as of today, July 21st, 2009.

About the Company

Chip PC Technologies drives innovation into reality as a global technology
leader in virtual desktop and thin client technology. Chip PC focuses on
delivering innovative desktop solutions covering the complete spectrum from
smart user desktop devices to Active-Directory-based management software.

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Editorial Contact: Ms. Ronit Pasternak, Tel: +972-4-8501-121,