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- John Weltman, Circle's president, reports a significant increase in the number of international surrogacy clients, amid growing media interest and weaker dollar

On May 10, 2008, Circle Surrogacy will co-host an unprecedented seminar in Stockholm, Sweden: Surrogacy in the USA for Swedish Couples and Singles. The seminar is an opportunity for Swedish gay and straight prospective parents to hear expert advice about this important parenting option and personal stories from Circle's former Swedish clients and one of the surrogates that helped them. Surrogacy is prohibited in Sweden, but it is legal for Swedish citizens to have children through surrogacy abroad and bring them back after the birth. Circle Surrogacy is also holding seminars this spring in London and Tel Aviv, after the success of similar seminars in 2007. The seminar is offered in cooperation with Cardone Reproductive Medicine of Boston.

Medical advances, favorable laws, growing media attention and societal acceptance contribute to the rapid growth of surrogacy in the USA as an alternative for infertile couples and gay men. However many countries worldwide still outlaw or restrict the practice, leading many to turn to the USA for help. Circle Surrogacy, one of the leading surrogacy agencies in the country, is witnessing a dramatic increase in interest from international clients, possibly also aided by the weaker dollar. John Weltman, Circle Surrogacy's president and a widely recognized expert in reproductive law, reports that currently almost forty percent of the agency's new clients are from outside the USA, mostly Europe and Asia, compared with less than a fifth in previous years.

Weltman explains that the United States is the preferable country for surrogacy among Swedish and other international parents due to legal, societal and medical conditions. Almost every state permits compensated surrogacy and no appeals court in any state has ever given custody to a gestational carrier (unlike the UK, where a surrogate recently retained custody of a baby to whom she was not biologically related). The US also offers a supportive environment for surrogates and couples. Recent articles, including the April 7 Newsweek cover story and the May issue of Details Magazine, both of which feature interviews with Circle Surrogacy's president and clients, demonstrate a growing acceptance of surrogacy. John Weltman was quoted in Newsweek as saying that parents who work with a reputable agency like Circle have a "99 percent chance of getting a baby and a 100 percent chance of keeping it."

According to Weltman, having children in the States can be relatively easy for international couples. It is only necessary to come to the United States three to four times, including the 20-week ultrasound and birth.

"Departures from the United States are easy as well," says Weltman. "Most international couples return to their countries within 2 weeks of the birth of their children, with their names on the birth certificate and US Passports, if they choose to apply for them.

Circle's success with international clients may be attributed to the special attention that is given to addressing every country's needs and legal circumstances. "Over our 12 years of existence I am proud to report that we successfully helped clients from 29 countries," says Weltman. "We have studied the laws in each country, and in some of the most frequent destinations such as Sweden, Italy, Israel, France and the UK, we have partnered with local organizations and lawyers to provide a complete solution for our clients before and after the birth." Circle's staff regularly meets with prospective clients for intake consultations in their own countries and cities, although many still conduct them over the phone. Circle's staff leads all parents through the logistical, legal and administrative processes involved from day one until they gain full custody of their newborns and bring them home.

Event information: May 10, 2008 1:00 - 3:30 pm Scandic Continental Hotel

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