ZUG, Switzerland, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss Hawk AG's portfolio company CleanAir Technologies AB ("CleanAir") has announced that it has secured a EUR 5.6 million project contract with Energi Randers, Denmark. Energi Randers has given CleanAir an order to install systems for: flue gas cleaning and condensation, combustion air humidification and also waste water treatment. All these systems will improve the economical and environmental capacity of their new plant for bio fuel and coal burning. The power of the system is 2 x 90 MW. The work will be finalised during 2009.

"A combined system for desulphurisation and condensing will be delivered and we are convinced that this CleanAir solution could be a good investment for many other new and existing plants" said Pawel Wlazlo, Process Development Manager with CleanAir.

About CleanAir Technologies AB ("CleanAir")

CleanAir (http://www.cleanair.se) is a Swedish company active in the development and delivery of technical solutions for the environmental technology sector inclusive of the following products: Flue Gas Condensation, Curdesox, Ammonstrip, Rednuox. The CleanAir management seek to expand CleanAir's product offering and are preparing for the international launch of its products and services from 2008 and onwards.

About Swiss Hawk AG

Swiss Hawk AG http://www.swisshawk.com is building a niche alternative asset class investment management business, through the pursuit of an aggressive investment policy based on actively investing and trading in participations in alternative asset class transactions. Swiss Hawk AG focuses on high growth late stage pre-IPO companies and small to mid cap IPOs where investment can be secured on good value terms with the potential for a planned short term exit. Swiss Hawk AG aims to build an internationally diversified portfolio of alternative asset class investments in sectors which show particular promise from time to time. Swiss Hawk AG is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market.

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