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- Red Suite Full Featured Tools Now Available with the EKT-LM3S3748 Stellaris evaluation board

Code Red Technologies (, a developer of innovative and powerful software development tools for 32-bit microcontrollers, and Luminary Micro (, creators of the award-winning Stellaris(R) Cortex(TM)-M3-based microcontrollers (MCUs), announce today the immediate availability of Red Suite(TM) v1.5 development tools for the new Stellaris microcontrollers featuring USB, also announced today. Additionally, the companies announce immediate availability of the new Stellaris EKT-LM3S3748 USB Host/Device evaluation kit featuring an evaluation version of Red Suite development tools, which is always unrestricted when used with the evaluation board.

Red Suite(TM) v1.5: Full support for the new USB-enabled Stellaris family additions

Following the positive response to the launch of Code Red in March 2008 with advanced Red Trace(TM) single wire viewing (SWV) runtime-tracing technology, Red Suite introduces support for the new USB-enabled Stellaris family additions. Detailed peripheral views of all the USB registers on the devices together with the sophisticated technology features of Red Trace gives developers the ideal environment for developing their USB designs.

"The Code Red Technologies development tools, with their sophisticated Red Trace runtime tracing features, have been very well received by our global customer base," said Jean Anne Booth, Chief Marketing Officer of Luminary Micro. "We are pleased to have Red Suite fully support our latest USB-enabled Stellaris microcontrollers."

Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools has host of new features

Together with full support of the new USB and DMA controllers in the new Stellaris parts, Red Suite v1.5 incorporates an updated wizard with the latest v4.8. In addition v1.5 incorporates enhancements to Red Trace including the ability to trace variables at runtime (Expression Trace).

"Code Red Technologies is proud to bring its Red Suite tools to the new Stellaris USB devices," said John Rayfield, CEO of Code Red. "The Stellaris ARM(R) Cortex-M3 USB microcontrollers incorporate sophisticated DMA technology all visualized in our peripheral viewer to deliver leading USB performance. With an additional easy-to-use evaluation kit bundled with our tools now available, developers can very cost effectively get their USB designs to market by leveraging the strong debug and trace features in Red Suite."

Stellaris Evaluation Kits: Running in 10 Minutes or Less

In addition to the new USB evaluation kit, all the Luminary Micro evaluation kits are now available with Red Suite v1.5, and allow the use of the full unrestricted use of the development environment. These kits, which are priced from USD $49 to USD $109, are as follows:

-- EKT-LM3S3748 - Stellaris LM3S3748 Evaluation kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools, featuring USB host and device interfaces -- EKT-LM3S8962 - Stellaris LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools, featuring integrated 10/100 Ethernet and CAN internetworking -- EKT-LM3S6965 - Stellaris LM3S6965 Evaluation Kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools, featuring integrated 10/100 Ethernet networking -- EKT-LM3S2965 - Stellaris LM3S2965 Evaluation Kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools, featuring integrated CAN communications -- EKT-LM3S1968 - Stellaris LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools -- EKT-LM3S811 - Stellaris LM3S811 Evaluation Kit with Red Suite v1.5 Development Tools

The evaluation kits can be purchased on line at, or through Luminary Micro's global sales channel ( or

A full license to the Red Suite development tools with all the power, functionality, reliability and ease-of-use of far more expensive products is available through an online upgrade of the evaluation kits from the Code Red Technologies website for USD $999. No additional hardware is required, and the evaluation board can serve as an emulator for customer target boards.

About Luminary Micro and Stellaris

Luminary Micro, Inc. designs, markets and sells ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers (MCUs). Austin, Texas-based Luminary Micro is the lead partner for the Cortex-M3 processor, delivering the world's first silicon implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor. Luminary Micro's introduction of the award-winning Stellaris(R) family of products provides 32-bit performance for the same price as current 8- and 16-bit microcontroller designs, providing entry-level pricing at USD $1.00 for an ARM technology-based MCU. Stellaris mixed-signal microcontrollers contain specialized capabilities for applications in energy, security, and connectivity markets. With the world's largest selection of ARM-based microcontrollers, Luminary Micro's Stellaris family allows for standardization that eliminates future architectural upgrades or software tools changes.

About Code Red Technologies

Code Red Technologies Ltd. was established in 2006 to build innovative tools and technologies to accelerate the development of 32-bit microcontroller applications. The company has developed its own technology to create application code and provide unprecedented levels of visibility into runtime information of that code; its tools, which are available at a significantly lower cost that those previously available, enable embedded systems designers to get running with their applications in just minutes instead of weeks. Based in Cambridge, UK, and San Francisco, California, more information can be found at:

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