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Globally, the osteoporosis market displayed a 3.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2005-09, reaching $9.4 billion in 2009. However, the launch of generic alendronate in the majority of markets resulted in a temporary decline in sales during 2009. The market will stabilize during the next 5 years due to generic incursion and then resume growth from 2015 as new drugs are launched.

Scope - Analysis of global osteoporosis prescriptions from 2005-09, split by geographical region (including emerging markets), drug class, and brand. - Discussion of key commercial opportunities and threats in the US, Japan, and five major European markets. - In depth profiles of 13 key osteoporosis brands and pipeline agents with SWOT analyses and country-specific sales forecasts to 2019. - Detailed analysis of key developer trends, strategies and portfolios including a case study of Novartis's Aclasta (zoledronic acid).


The rest of world, outside of the seven major markets, achieved osteoporosis-specific sales of $2.4 billion in 2009 with an impressive CAGR of 8.7% from 2005. Brazil, Russia, India and China were the fastest growing nations, driving a combined 2005-09 CAGR of 17%.

The osteoporosis market offers multiple opportunities for current and future market players. In addition to increasing awareness, diagnosis and treatment, there is the need to develop new drugs that promote bone building. However, the increase in cost pressure resulting from generic penetration poses a major barrier to entry.

Leading market players continue to pursue their direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns, sponsoring events to raise awareness of the disorder and of respective treatments. Innovative strategies to increase brand loyalty and confidence, such as risk-sharing schemes, have also been implemented by Novartis and Sanofi-Aventis.

Reasons to Purchase - Understand historical (2005-09) and future (2010-19) osteoporosis drug market dynamics and competitive environment. - Gain insight into the main opportunities and threats specific to the osteoporosis market. - Evaluate the sales forecasts of marketed, generic, and key pipeline drugs to 2019 in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

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