GODALMING, England, September 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ( http://www.thecontentgroup.co.uk/Invoice_Capture.aspx) specialist - The Content Group http://www.thecontentgroup.co.uk - is releasing a White Paper on document workflow (http://www.thecontentgroup.co.uk/Invoice_Capture.aspx_ and invoice processing (http://www.thecontentgroup.co.uk/Invoice_Capture.aspx ) that advises the Construction industry of the threats inherent in poor information management. In an industry overwhelmed with massive quantities of information and poor data management processes, the paper identifies the current issues construction companies face and looks at how organisations can reduce the damage caused to building projects by implementing a robust ECM solution in-house.

For a majority of construction companies, the administrative overhead associated with every aspect of the construction process, from planning, day-to-day project management, building regulations and health and safety, remains heavily reliant upon manual processes and huge quantities of paper.

The Content Group's White Paper on document workflow and invoice processing - Cutting Fixed Costs to Build a Better Business - discusses how in previous years, most companies simply had neither the time nor the incentive to consider opportunities for streamlining processes and reducing administrative costs. In light of the recent state of the economy however, it is now essential for the industry to get its house in order.

Andrew Mais, Solutions Specialist at The Content Group, comments With a growing stakeholder demand for cost reduction and risk management, it is the construction companies that embrace ECM and improve internal processes who will be best placed to ramp up quickly as the good times return.

Construction organisations cannot continue to ignore the potential risks of project overrun penalties, the risk of personal injury litigation or, simply, the huge administrative costs associated with the manual management of contracts, drawings, health safety information in emails, paper documents and digital media.

For more information or to download the full White Paper visit The Content Group's website.

About The Content Group

The Content Group is a technology agnostic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultancy and solutions provider whose proven ECM Expert best practice methodology ensures successful ECM projects for their clients across the globe such as in document workflow and invoice processing.

Recognised as a leading expert in the field, The Content Group works with its clients in the education of Enterprise Content Management, development of ECM strategies such as document workflow and invoice processing, implementation of ECM strategies and the design of ECM maturity blueprint's for ongoing measurement of organisational ECM effectiveness.

Drawing on its best practice methodology, The Content Group is leading the development of the first ever Publicly Available Specification for ECM with BSI British Standards.

The expertise and best practice methodology of The Content Group's ECM Expert ensures its clients receive unbiased advice combined with Best by Design technology recommendations resulting in unparalleled ECM project success such as in document workflow and invoice processing.

The Content Groups works with clients from the SME and Enterprise sector. This work covers new ECM initiatives and also existing ECM implementations where organisations are looking to leverage the true value of their ECM investment.

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CONTACT: For further information, please contact: Will Gardiner, Itpr,Tel: +44(0)1932-578800; Emily Thorpe, The Content Group, Tel:+44(0)1483-523890