ALLEROED, Denmark, October 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Contex and Vidar, a brand of Contex - the world's leading wide format scanner manufacturer - today announced the global availability of a new upgrade to Nextimage multi-function scanning and copying software. This upgrade, available in 10 languages, includes innovations that extend the value and capabilities of installed first release Nextimage. Earlier this year, Contex released a completely new user experience with Nextimage. Now, with many new and enhanced features including a built-in TWAIN driver, Scan-to-Email, DWF file format support and automatic palette creation in 8-bit color mode, Nextimage advances its position as the most powerful scanning and copying software in the industry today. Nextimage version 1.5 is a free upgrade to existing Nextimage users. WIDEimage users, Contex' previous generation of scanning software, can now save 40% if they upgrade to Nextimage SCAN before Dec 31, 2008.

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"Offering software upgrades is another part of our overall plan to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and help our customers get more value out of their existing solutions", says Niels Appel, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing for Contex operations. "What drives software development at Contex is making feature-rich and comprehensive software that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use for both occasional and advanced users. Nextimage makes you more productive, straight out of the box."

Along with Contex's professional scanners, Nextimage has been awarded BERTL's Four and a Half Star "Outstanding" rating - higher than any other wide format product reviewed by BERTL. Contex's Nextimage scanning software is .."the best scanning software we have seen. Simple, logical, and easy to use, yet it offers all the powerful features that you need in the scanning or viewing process... a professional scanning tool."

Connectivity, Productivity and Image Enhancement in One Package!

Combined with Contex and VIDAR's SD Series and HD Series scanners, Nextimage software seamlessly integrates into your office workflow whether you are working in technical, GIS, copy and reprographics or other wide format segments -- it has never been so easy to get professional results - even for new users.

- The new TWAIN driver lets you import images directly into your existing photo/imaging and/or EDM software, with all the image enhancing features of the Nextimage application. - Scan-to-email is a new feature that enables scanning directly into your email application. One click attaches your scanned file to an email, ready to send to anyone, anywhere. - By scanning to DWF file format, you can mark up and share hard-copy drawings with customers and colleagues using Autodesk applications. - Improved 8-bit color scanning, with an auto-palette option that lets you automatically generate a palette from the existing 24-bit scan. Remove or highlight color information easily by merging, re-mapping, or deleting palette colors. - Preview during scan, which gives you a rolling 1:1 view of your file as you scan so you don't have to wait to find out if you need to adjust resolution, sharpness, or color settings. - One-click file validation, great for when you need to review files before a final save or if you want to save multiple versions of a single scan in different sizes or with different bit depth levels. After you scan, just click one button to check image quality, make adjustments, and save. - Supported languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian - Visit and download a free 30-day trial version of Nextimage SCAN+COPY

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Contex is the world's largest producer of large format imaging solutions, leading the market with constant innovation and technology development. Focused on providing the best image quality possible, Contex is the preferred supplier of scanning technology to the large format market. Contex's scanning solutions are supported by advanced scan and copy software applications - giving customers a full range of solutions for image capturing. Sold in over 80 countries worldwide, Contex products are praised for their reliability, value and performance. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Jette Lundquist, Vice President, Marketing PHONE: +45-48-14-11-22 EMAIL: WEB: /

CONTACT: Jette Lundquist, Vice President, Marketing, PHONE: +45-48-14-11-22, EMAIL: