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- Alliance Aims to Develop Powerful Tools for Accurate and Rapid Microbiology Testing Leading to Improved Patient Outcomes

Under the partnership, the two companies will enhance the use of liquid based microbiology diagnostic products that incorporate Copan innovative collection and transport devices (like ESwab) for use in combination with POCARED's real-time quantification and identification platform. The Copan and POCARED partnership will also introduce a new level of automation and ease of use. Copan has a vested interest in the development of devices and technologies essential for quantitative diagnostics and rationalized laboratory workflow. The technology developed by POCARED is highly complementary to our Liquid Based Microbiology concept, states Daniele Triva, General Manager of Copan Group.

This partnership with Copan is an excellent strategic fit for POCARED Diagnostics' business, said Jonathan Gurfinkel, President and Chief Executive Officer, POCARED Diagnostics. It will increase the use of POCARED's platform and enable easier development of new applications and allow POCARED Diagnostics to utilize its rapid diagnostics system providing to the clinical microbiologist a faster, easier and more elegant way performing their tests.

About POCARED Diagnostics Ltd.

POCARED Diagnostics is an In Vitro Diagnostics company developing the next generation microbiology platform. This platform is fully automated, real time and easy to operate. The platform does provide quantification and species identification results for bacteria and yeast without the need for growth or amplification.

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About Copan

Copan is world leader in the field of research, development and production of innovative systems for the collection and preservation of microbiology specimens. Through its quantitative approach and the unique flocked swab technology, Copan contributes to the optimization of the diagnostics process.

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The POCARED system is not cleared by FDA for sale in the USA.

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