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Conselium, a leading executive search firm with a specialty in ethics and compliance, today introduced Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI), a global online forum and job board for corporate governance, compliance, risk management and business ethics. Corporate Compliance Insights was introduced to fill the growing need of corporate compliance and ethics professionals as they adjust to the new economy and a global shift in business. Created to be an informative knowledge-sharing platform, Corporate Compliance Insights' mission is to educate and encourage interaction among members of the compliance, ethics, risk and governance community.

Corporate Compliance Insights provides in-depth information on developments, events and people, as well as the most compelling content from leading executives and experts. The forum also offers a leading job board dedicated to providing executive-level positions in governance, compliance, ethics and risk management.

Top executives at Fortune 500 corporations, leading law and consulting firms, and members of academia have joined in the mission of Corporate Compliance Insights. Several of these individuals serve to enhance Corporate Compliance Insights' forum content, and offer detailed articles and information as featured contributors.

A sampling of compliance executives, whose work appears on Corporate Compliance Insights, includes:

- Paul Liebman, Chief Compliance Counsel, Dell Inc. - William Clegg, Executive Director, Ethics and Compliance, Textron, Inc. - Joan Dubinsky, Chief Ethics Officer, International Monetary Fundy - James Nortz, Compliance Director, Bausch Lomb - James Bone, Former Chief Compliance Officer, Fidelity Investments - Michael Fuchs, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP - Karen Wilson, Managing Partner, Citadel Compliance Group LLC - Brian Klemm, Senior Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer, SAS Institute Inc. - Steve Liccione, Director of Corporate Compliance, Johnson Controls

As the role of the corporate ethics and compliance professional becomes more demanding, it is essential that we embrace tools that keep us aware of the latest developments, news and information that affect us, and ultimately our company or clients, said Paul Liebman, Chief Compliance Counsel for Dell Inc.

In addition to Corporate Compliance Insights' work with compliance executives and experts, the forum also maintains a Preferred Partner Program to assist organizations in the promotion of their company events, job openings, original research, whitepapers and articles, as well as company news and developments.

Today, Corporate Compliance Insights maintains relationships with top organizations, consultancies and academic institutions such as Deloitte LLP, Harvard Law School and Ethics Point.

The introduction of Corporate Compliance Insights marks an important step for our industry, said Maurice Gilbert, CCI Founder and Conselium Managing Director. Our industry has never had a venue that offers compliance and risk experts compelling content, news, jobs and partnership opportunities all in one location. As individuals and organizations alike adapt to more rigorous standards, stricter and more consistent oversight, and an ever-changing business environment, Corporate Compliance Insights is the one community industry executives and professionals can look to for their intelligence and counsel.

About Corporate Compliance Insights

Corporate Compliance Insights is a global online forum focused on advancing discourse on topics related to corporate governance, compliance, risk management, and business ethics. The forum serves compliance and ethics executives and professionals at Fortune 500 companies, leading law and consulting firms, and colleges and universities across the globe.

For more information on Corporate Compliance Insights, please visit www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com.

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