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- New Family of NVIDIA SLI Specific DDR3 Modules Deliver Full Range of Enthusiast Memory Speeds

Corsair(R), a worldwide leader in enthusiast computer and flash memory products, announced today their NVIDIA 790i Ultra SLI high-performance DDR3 partner memory offerings, including a record-breaking 2GHz module.

After extensive partnership efforts between NVIDIA and Corsair, the NVIDIA 790i Ultra SLI platform was found to exhibit extreme overclocking capabilities with the latest in DDR3 memory architectures. All Corsair SLI-ready partner memory is pre-loaded with EPP2, the latest in memory performance specifications. EPP2 is designed to deliver an automatic memory performance boost for enthusiasts when used with the 790i Ultra SLI platform.

"Corsair and NVIDIA have worked closely on next-generation gaming platforms using the latest DDR3 memory technologies. The EPP2 SPD memory specification, combined with the NVIDIA 790i Ultra SLI platform have allowed us to reach new overclocking performance levels from the 2GHz range and above," said Jack Peterson, VP of Corporate Marketing at Corsair. "As the recognized leader in high-performance enthusiast memory, we are excited about this new line of NVIDIA SLI-Certified memory modules," continued Peterson.

Available immediately through Corsair's worldwide authorized dealer channel, consumers can choose from the following EPP2-enabled DDR3 product offerings:


Like other Corsair DDR2 products, DDR3 DOMINATOR and XMS3 DHX modules feature Corsair's patent-pending DHX technology, an innovative quad-layer heat sink design that optimizes memory performance and reliability by maximizing thermal dissipation. With DHX Technology, heat is removed via two paths: the leads of the BGA chips into the PCB (convective cooling) and the back of the BGA packages into the custom designed extruded aluminum heat sinks (conductive cooling).

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