MERIGNAC, France, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Cortix, the market leader for Internet site creation in France and Europe, is expanding its product range in June 2009 with 50 new site models specially designed for microbusinesses and SMEs. The objective: to meet the needs of the customer group, made up of small businesses, artisans and independent professionals, who continue to invest in the development of their website despite the difficult business environment. Currently, Cortix has a catalogue of over 200 available products. Below, we take a closer look at these companies and the new Cortix products.

Nearly 50 New Internet Site Models!

Since it was founded, Cortix has specialized in providing businesses with a complete range of tailor-made turnkey Internet sites, all the way from design and maintenance through to referencing and monitoring. Today, the company has a catalogue of over 200 products available. These digital site models are categorized by market sector (retail, construction, property, restaurants, hotels, agriculture etc.) and also by ambience (friendliness, relaxation, top-of-the-range, traditional, corporate etc.). As a result, all the professions which make up the microbusiness/SME sector are represented.

Site customization does not stop there: customers can include their own customized text, add visuals, adapt the model to follow their own graphics chart and range of colours, giving a truly unique result!

From June 2009, the Cortix catalogue is being expanded with the addition of 46 new sites made up of 19 different professions. From now on, over 50 professions will have dedicated models developed from marketing and graphics specifications. From florists and clairvoyants, right through to taxi drivers and photographers!

What Sort of Microbusinesses/SMEs are Investing in an Internet Site?

In these times of crisis, Internet site development represents significant expenditure for businesses, especially for smaller organizations which may be experiencing difficulties. Nevertheless, many are deciding to make the commitment. As proof of this and despite the economic situation, Cortix concluded 5,000 new contracts during the second half of 2008. However, we have observed significant differences between different types of companies:

Microbusinesses are a Significant Majority

Amongst Cortix customers, more than 8 out of 10 are microbusinesses.

With its turnkey sites, Cortix offers bosses of microbusinesses/SMEs the chance to manage their presence on the Net simply and efficiently. For example, site updates (text or photo modifications) are taken care of by Cortix Customer Relations, free of charge (up to 3 requests per year). Customers may also make their own site modifications using the self-administration modules, such as the News, Photo library or Catalogue modules. Here too, they can take advantage of the Cortix hotline to receive training on the independent administration of their modules.

2 Business Sectors Particularly Well-Represented

Construction, retail and car repairs form Cortix's main customer base. Services, whether for the general public or the business sector, also make up an important part of Cortix's customer base. For these types of businesses in particular, an Internet site represents an ideal shop window for showcasing their products, services and trading methods. It's a real plus, or even a necessity, for increasing their sales. Accordingly, Cortix includes amongst its customers professionals who have been experiencing rapid growth for a number of years, such as domestic services or training companies.

An Example of an SME Present on the Internet: Batel Plaisance

For 4 years now, Batel Plaisance has been marketing water sports products. In November 2008, Nicolas Baud, the company chairman, called Cortix in for a fundamental rethink of his site, which had become a crucial part of his business. We can't sell directly online, because who's going to buy a boat without having actually seen it or tried it out? But it's great for us to have an effective shop window which shows people we're serious. Today, two-thirds of those who buy from us visit our site first. And thanks to the Internet, we are increasing our sales throughout France!

Additional information and visuals available on request.

Cortix, key info - French market leader in Internet site creation - Year founded: 1999 - Head Office: Mérignac, Gironde, France - Listed on the stock exchange since 2007, Chairman Hassane Hamza - 27 agencies in France and Europe - 20,000 sites currently - 450 employees - Sales 2007-2008: euro 28.3m

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Cortix Press Contacts: Territoires Co: Odile Lemoine,, +33(0)5-56-00-89-50,; Claire Iglesias,, +33(0)6-82-91-35-75 ; Paris: Jean-Julien Pascalet,- +33(0)6-80-21-18-73,