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- Effort from 17-23 November 2008 to unleash young people's ideas to address society's biggest issues

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown joined Carl Schramm of the Kauffman Foundation today in starting the countdown to Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008, the world's biggest single event celebrating and promoting entrepreneurship amongst young people.

The announcement was made at an event in London attended by leading business figures and entrepreneurs from around the globe, including 26 of the 37 countries signed up to date. Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008 has been founded by Make Your Mark, the business-led, government-backed campaign to create an enterprise culture in the UK, and the US-based Kauffman Foundation, the world's pre-eminent Foundation dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship.

"Enterprise Week has been a massive success in the UK -- over 5,000 different events will take place this week. From now on, it will be linked to enterprise campaigns around the world through Global Entrepreneurship Week," stated Prime Minister Brown. "By unleashing the creativity and ideas of young people all over the world, we can create the successful products and businesses of tomorrow."

From 17-23 November 2008, millions of people will take part in events organised by thousands of organisations worldwide. The Week will create the world's next generation of entrepreneurs by inspiring people through activities and by connecting them through online social networks.

Global Entrepreneurship Week will promote the benefits of unleashing young people's entrepreneurial ideas to address society's biggest issues, such as poverty, climate change and sustainability.

"Young people are involved in entrepreneurial ventures all around the world, using their creativity, ingenuity, and energy to start businesses and solve problems," added Schramm. "This enterprising spirit -- the core of Global Entrepreneurship Week -- is an invaluable resource the world must tap as we seek to extend the benefits of economic growth to more people across the globe and address the complex challenges facing us all".

Global Entrepreneurship Week already has 37 countries on board, and expects more to join in the coming months. The initiative is initially supported by Global Sponsors IBM and NYSE Euronext, as well as a host of Global Partners, including: the United Nations Development Programme, the Commonwealth, JA Worldwide, the Young Americas Business Trust, Lisbon Council, Endeavor, Entrepreneurs Organization, and Council on Competitiveness.

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