ST HELIER, Jersey, November 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- CPA Global, the top intellectual property (IP) management specialist and leading provider of legal services outsourcing (LSO), has launched the world's most sophisticated patent search platform, putting comprehensive, international patent databases at the fingertips of its IP clients around the world.

CPA Global Discover sets a new standard in online patent search, scouring more than 80 million patents from 95 nations, and providing access to more accurate, efficient and relevant search results than all similar tools on the market.

Powered by Microsoft(R) FAST(TM) Search Server, the leading enterprise search solution, Discover is a major addition to CPA Global's integrated patent portfolio management offering, which includes patent renewal and filing, portfolio monetisation and IP management software solutions.

Discover is available exclusively to CPA Global's corporate and law firm clients, providing them with a powerful tool that enables them to make better informed and more strategic decisions about their vitally important IP assets, which can bring significant competitive advantages.

Recent surges in international patent litigation activity - which is certain to intensify with the growth of IP in emerging markets - have seen corporates across the world focus on acquiring robust and trustworthy search technology as part of their long-term IP portfolio management strategies. Discover answers this need by giving CPA Global's clients access to the most widely available record of filed patents, abstracts and bibliographies on the market, including those from emerging and rapidly innovating economies such as China.

CPA Global's Chief Executive Officer, Peter Sewell, said: 'If prospective patents are not thoroughly researched before they are applied for, they can expose a corporation to significant litigation risks, waste RD budgets and lead to poor return on capital investment. For years, IP professionals have been hindered in carrying out effective online patent search, because the technology currently available doesn't deliver complete and relevant results. Discover addresses this critical shortfall in the IP industry, taking our clients straight to the heart of relevant patent data, and helping them make decisions and act upon facts rather than guesswork.'

In addition to the sheer volume of patent records within its reach, Discover's search features include a sorting function to order and arrange results by category; options for patent family grouping and displays; and quick access to multiple patent drawings without having to open individual patent records. The platform also includes access to patents that have been filed in other languages translated into English, and even suggests results which are relevant to international cultural and linguistic nuances.

Among the platform's post-search capabilities are those allowing CPA Global's clients to receive automatic updates to patent records; create and share reports with colleagues on search results; and analyse the quality of results using CPA Global's proprietary patent-scoring program.

Mark Wylde, CPA Global's Director of Patent Research, said: 'Common complaints about other patent search technologies include a low number of relevant results; limited geographic search ranges and overlapping features, which result in wasted money by investing in multiple products. Discover provides the key functionality of all other patent search tools in a single platform, while delivering reliable results quickly and in a user-friendly format. It has undergone thorough testing with a selection of the world's best known corporations and law firms, who agree that it will redefine the way our clients approach patent search.'

About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world's leading provider of IP management and legal services outsourcing, including patent renewal services, document review, transaction support, contract solutions, and legal research. With offices across Europe, the United States, Asia and the Pacific, CPA Global supports many of the world's best known corporations and law firms with a diverse set of legal and IP specific services.

CPA Global helps its clients manage their valuable IP assets, such as patents, designs and trademarks, ensuring that their IP portfolios are protected, maintained and regularly reviewed in order to maximise value. Founded in Jersey, Channel Islands in 1969, CPA Global today employs more than 1,500 people, serving clients' needs in over 100 countries. CPA Global has offices in key locations such as London, Paris, Munich, Washington DC, Sydney, Hong Kong and New Delhi; and has strategic partnerships covering Japan, Korea and other markets.

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