ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, September 29 /PRNewswire/ -- CPA Software Solutions, part of CPA, a leading provider of outsourced legal support services and the world's top intellectual property ( (IP) management specialist, announced today the release of CPA Memotech ( 5.2, which is designed to further improve the overall productivity of corporate IP departments.

CPA Memotech is a fully web-based IP management system that enables corporations to more efficiently capture, store, and retrieve their valuable IP information. CPA Memotech 5.2 delivers additional usability enhancements and integration capabilities, and has been developed based on direct feedback from CPA Memotech ('s extensive user community, which spans the Global Fortune 1000.

The key areas addressed in CPA Memotech 5.2 include usability, management of documents, forms and emails, as well as enhancements to its proprietary Inventor Awards module.

Usability enhancements provide docketers and users entering data into the system with productivity gains. The goal is to render CPA Memotech 5.2 even easier and faster to use with fewer mouse-clicks to complete various tasks.

Glen Nath, VP Professional Services, CPA, said: "CPA Memotech is used by many of the world's largest and most significant organizations representing a range of industries. As such, the feedback from our user community that is integrated into each product release truly reflects the needs of many of the most notable brand and patent ( owners."

As a central point of management for all IP department activities, CPA Memotech 5.2 offers a forms and email generator that can be readily integrated with an IP department's existing workflow, enabling seamless IP related communications. Overall document management is customizable to the needs of each user organization through a new API that allows CPA Memotech to be easily integrated with any document management ( system.

Incentive programs for inventors are key to fostering innovation and competition within an organization. Managing these types of programs can be an extremely time consuming, manual-intensive task. With CPA Memotech 5.2, the Inventor Awards module has undergone a significant upgrade, dramatically streamlining the process and communication associated with such an Inventor Awards program.

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With clients in over 100 countries, CPA is a leading provider of outsourced legal support services and the world's top intellectual property (IP) management specialist. Founded in 1969, CPA provides lifecycle management services for intellectual property such as patent design and trademark searching, watching, renewals, and portfolio strategy. CPA is also a leader in the growing market for outsourced contract management ( and litigation support services, helping law firms and corporations to realize value by managing risk, cost and capacity. CPA employs over 1,000 people in 16 offices in eight countries.

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