Ethernet Expo Europe, LONDON, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Creanord Ltd., a premier solutions enabler assisting Carriers and service providers in Ensuring Quality of Experience(TM) and Strengthening customer loyalty announced the availability of enhanced Traffic-Meter - a first solution for monitoring microburst and microloss events with range of Ethernet Access devices driven by Creanord EchoAgent(TM).

Traditional bandwidth monitoring falls short in Carrier Ethernet because legacy network elements provide traffic counters only for physical interfaces. In Carrier Ethernet different traffic classes share the same physical interfaces and are usually separated to individual VLANs. The Creanord EchoVault's Traffic-Meter enables measuring the traffic based on L2 and L3 criteria of choice making it possible to measure different flows with unique one second resolution - sampling 300 times faster than SNMP-based polling.

The one second resolution unlocks new opportunities for Ethernet service creation, quality monitoring and problem solving. As an example, it enables subscriber connections with separate rates for Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Extended Information Rate (EIR). The traffic conforming to the CIR rate is included in the monthly flat rate fee and traffic exceeding the CIR rate is billed in based on data volume explains Jorma Hamalainen, President CEO of Creanord. The fine-grained view to traffic flows enables investigation of network congestion problems arising from microburst events - impossible to pinpoint with legacy tools.

About Creanord

Creanord assists carriers and service providers to streamline networks and business operations by providing a comprehensive solution for Ensuring Quality of Experience(TM) and for strengthening customer loyalty.

Creanord's Managed Ethernet Access solution comprises innovative Ethernet Access hardware and carrier-grade EchoVault(TM) Service and SLA delivery software. With the Creanord solution, service providers are empowered to roll out and manage high-performance Ethernet Access that surpasses the customer expectations.

The company has expanding partner network responding to rapidly growing Ethernet Access needs in the Europe and North America.

Further information: Creanord Samu Backman Marketing Manager Tel. +358-10-309-3406 Email:

Further information: Creanord, Samu Backman, Marketing Manager, Tel. +358-10-309-3406, Email: