AMSTERDAM, January 31 /PRNewswire/ -- CyberTech International, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the voice recording market, has announced that it has signed a global contract with one of the world's leading financial institutions. The contract, currently valued in the region of US$10 million, will see CyberTech supply, install and provide local support of their voice Recording Solutions at more than 80 locations world-wide. This financial institution will record all voice transactions in dealing rooms, call centres and other business areas.

As part of this contract, CyberTech has developed a specialised application to automate authorisation workflow replacing the traditional manual authorisation processes previously required for recordings to be replayed. CyberTech voice recording solutions also provide faster access to recorded calls with instant call retrieval and replay to the workstation without having to wait for tapes or disks to be manually located and loaded onto a playback unit.

CyberTech Recording Solutions offer low cost of ownership and reduced running costs as they are deployed on the customers' existing servers, instead of requiring proprietary hardware. It also provides the flexibility to integrate with a wide range of PBX's that are in use including Avaya, Nortel and Cisco. The system also offers an easy upgrade path to VoIP recording as this technology is rolled out globally.

CyberTech also offers class leading levels of security and uses the market's first 256 bit Rijndael AES audio encryption coupled with MD5 fingerprinting to ensure that all audio files are secured against unauthorised replay, alteration or editing. For maximum resilience, it also supports centralised archiving to mass storage devices such as EMC Centera, in use by the financial institution for secure long-term data storage.

CyberTech's Global Business Development director, Paul Manyweathers commented: "CyberTech provides financial institutions with the functionality and flexibility to improve their services and meet compliance regulations. This contract enhances our position as one of the leading global providers of voice recording solutions."

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CyberTech develops and produces a wide range of hardware and software solutions for the recording, storage, playback, analysis and assessment of multi-media communications. The solutions are distributed through a global network of certified agents, distributors and technology partners.

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