PRAGUE, January 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Stickfish, a company specializing in Linux and UNIX technologies, supplied a terminal solution built on the Sun Ray 2 thin clients for cash registers of the Datart stores, member of the KESA ELECTRICALS electronic retailer group. 70 pieces were delivered for six stores during the first phase in 2008, and a final delivery of 600 additional units was supplied for all Czech and Slovak stores just now.

The Sun Ray 2 virtual displays in Datart service solely the cash registers. Certification for eight external devices was provided as a part of the order, such as the cash register, printer, or a barcode reader.

The whole solution runs in a fail-over mode.

The Sun Ray 2 virtual displays boast a uniquely low power consumption of only 4 watts. Stickfish also supplied them to other customers, such as CEPS, University of Pardubice, Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry Brno, Municipal Library in Prague, or to the Occupational Safety Research Institute.

Stickfish develops and offers the Raydesk enterprise virtual desktop for these terminals, which significantly simplifies client desktop maintenance and improves network security -

It was a tough challenge to ensure 100% functionality of all peripheral devices, and it was the condition for transition from a pilot project to the full delivery, said Filip Korbel, Stickfish CEO, and added: Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is in demand now and the pressure to reduce costs favours VDI technologies.


CONTACT: Contact details: Filip Korbel, Stickfish s.r.o., Konevova 141,Prague 3, Czech Republic, Phone: +420-267-108-381