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- DeFi Global Access(TM) Members Enjoy Carrier-Grade Network, Feature Rich Unlimited Global Calling, and Worldwide Automated Access Point Connections

DeFi Mobile(TM) today announced the launch of DeFi Global Access(TM), a subscription-based service enabling its members to make and receive unlimited phone calls worldwide via WiFi access to DeFi Mobile's carrier-grade, global IP network - all for a flat monthly fee of ~23 pounds sterling/ 29 euro / US$40. The service also includes unlimited worldwide Internet and data access for mobile device web browsing and e-mail.

For a Limited Time, Sign-Up Now and Receive the 1st Month Service Free

As part of this service, DeFi Global Access members' mobile devices automatically connect to millions of private, free and commercially available access points around the world, including those provided by T-Mobile, ATT Wireless, Orange, VEX, FON, and many others. This is the result of more than 50 global partnerships involving 75+ countries and includes 15,000+ hotels, 120+ international airports and tens of thousands of coffee shops, restaurants and marinas around the world.

"DeFi Global Access members experience the freedom of unlimited global voice and data connection without the fear of shocking international long-distance and roaming fees, the frustration of juggling SIM cards, and fumbling with alternative work-arounds," said Jeff Rice, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder of DeFi Mobile. "DeFi liberates business and international travellers who are commonly financially gouged when crossing political and geographic borders. Relying on DeFi, our members and their businesses can save thousands in voice and data roaming fees, while enjoying better voice quality and support service than other networks provide."

Join DeFi Global Access at

DeFi Global Access members experience business-class voice quality with important features and applications including voicemail-to-email, caller-ID, call-forwarding, call-hold and call-transfer - all with feature-rich support. DeFi members tailor these services to their specific needs via their own web-portal, which includes account management, call-logs, on-line support and self-help tools. DeFi members receive high quality customer support, including on-line support available at

Simple, Easy-to-Use Service Provides Excellent, Affordable Quality

DeFi Global Access members choose the country from which their DeFi contact phone number originates, a number that will remain theirs as long as they are DeFi Global Access member. For an additional ~5 pounds sterling/US$10 monthly fee, DeFi can have up to three phone numbers in three different countries to its individual members, ringing the same phone. This allows customers, friends and family to place low-cost, local calls directly to DeFi Members. This service is called DeFi Global Access+ and is available as part of the sign-up process at Another convenience, DeFi Global Access members can continue to use their same cellular provider phone numbers, because DeFi members use dual mode smart phones that are both Wi-Fi and cellular capable.

No More Shocking E-mail and Internet Data-Connection Roaming Fees

Leveraging DeFi's automated Wi-Fi access point connection service, DeFi Global Access members save money on data-roaming fees, connecting to the Internet and sending and receiving corporate and personal e-mail from their smartphone. DeFi members may also use Nokia's recently released Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, a fast and easy corporate e-mail solution for more than 80 million mobile devices around the world:

DeFi Global Access Sets New Standard

DeFi Global Access is a superior to standard mobile VoIP solutions in several significant ways. By routing calls over its managed network, DeFi delivers superior call quality, eliminating the "jitter" and dropped calls synonymous with other VoIP operators. DeFi members also automatically connect to commercial WiFi access points worldwide unlike DeFi competitors who require their users to purchase WiFi separately, often from multiple providers, and then to connect manually.

"DeFi's superior call quality and automatic access to commercial WiFi networks is revolutionary, and combined with DeFi's ease of use and advanced features, clearly differentiates DeFi from all other competitors," Rice said.

Service Supported on Standard Nokia N & E Phones, Others Soon

Currently compatible with most Nokia N and E series phones, new DeFi Global Access Members self-provision their smartphones with software provided via text message from DeFi after signing-up on the DeFi Mobile website. People aspiring to become DeFi Global Access members who need to acquire a compatible phone can purchase one through authorized Nokia dealers worldwide including a DeFi partnership with CommunicationXperts:

DeFi Mobile is currently developing DeFi Global Access support for people who rely on smartphones operating on other operating systems, including RIM (Blackberry), Windows Mobile, iPhone (Apple), UIQ and others.

About DeFi Mobile Ltd.

DeFi Mobile Ltd. is a mobile communications company that provides a global IP platform for mobile applications and services. Combining carrier grade architecture with next generation mobile technology, DeFi delivers a seamless and feature-rich mobile experience to worldwide users of mobile devices.

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