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- Seminar Will Provide Practical and Comprehensive Training On Efficient Datacentre Cooling

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading owner and manager of corporate datacentres and Internet gateways, will host a two-day seminar in Dublin on 16 and 17 April 2008 that will provide datacentre professionals with practical information about best practices for datacentre cooling. The seminar will feature three of the industry's most respected experts in datacentre operations and efficiency:

-- Robert "Dr. Bob" F. Sullivan, PhD., the Uptime Institute's highly respected datacentre cooling expert who originated the concept of hot-aisle-cold-aisle datacentre design; -- Dr. Amir Radmehr, a widely respected and extensively published datacentre cooling expert from Innovative Research, Inc; and -- Jim Smith, Vice President, Engineering at Digital Realty Trust, who is recognised as one of the foremost authorities in efficient datacentre operations and green datacentre design.

"The seminar will contain a tremendous amount of practical information. In this fast-paced program, attendees will learn about optimising datacentre cooling, giving them critical information and best practices to immediately improve operations and save money," said Jim Smith. "We are very proud to have 'Dr. Bob' and Dr. Radmehr on the program. Dr. Bob's portion of the seminar will provide attendees with valuable guidance for high density cooling. Dr. Radmehr and I will focus our joint presentation on how to use airflow modeling to optimise datacentre design. We are very pleased to be able to offer this class in datacentre cooling to our customers."

Dr. Sullivan commented, "This seminar will provide the opportunity for any person involved in datacentre operations to become educated on a critical topic: best practices for efficient and effective cooling. Amir, Jim and I have designed the content to focus on truly practical advice and action items that people will be able to apply in their datacenter the day after they complete the seminar - making a measurable difference in their datacentre performance and their company's bottom line."

"One of the valuable outcomes of this seminar is the scientific knowledge attendees gain by examining the cooling practices used in their datacentres. They also learn very simple yet effective techniques that can be readily used to improve the cooling of their datacentres," said Dr. Radmehr.

For more information about the seminars and to register to attend, visit http://www.digitalrealtytrust.com.

About the Uptime Institute

Since 1993, the Uptime Institute, Inc. (Institute) has been a respected provider of educational and consulting services for Facilities and Information Technology organisations interested in maximising datacentre uptime. The Institute has pioneered numerous industry innovations, such as the Tier Classifications for datacentre availability, which serve as industry standards today. For more information about the Uptime Institute, visit http://www.uptimeinstitute.org.

About Innovative Research, Inc.

Innovative Research, Inc. provides quality software packages and consulting services for fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, turbulence and related processes. Among their product line is TileFlow, a simulation tool for airflow and temperature distribution (cooling performance) in datacentres. For more information, visit http://www.inres.com.

About Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. owns, acquires, redevelops, develops and manages technology-related real estate. The Company is focused on providing Turn-Key Datacentre(TM) and Powered Base Building(TM) datacentre solutions for domestic and international tenants across a variety of industry verticals ranging from information technology and internet enterprises, to manufacturing and financial services. Digital Realty Trust's 71 properties, excluding one property held as an investment in an unconsolidated joint venture, contain applications and operations critical to the day-to-day operations of technology industry tenants and corporate enterprise datacentre tenants. Comprising approximately 1.2 million rentable square metres (12.6 million square feet) as of February 26, 2008, including 186,000 square metres (2 million square feet) of space held for redevelopment, Digital Realty Trust's portfolio is located in 26 markets throughout Europe and North America. For additional information, please visit Digital Realty Trust's website at http://www.digitalrealtytrust.com.

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