SHEFFIELD, England, March 12 /PRNewswire/ --

- Addressing an Annual Global Market of Approximately 20 Million Units, Consumers in Both Residential and Business Sectors Could Drastically Reduce Their Annual Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint From Q3 2008 With Disenco 's Appliance

Disenco Energy plc today confirms commercial availability of its unique, micro-combined heat and power (m-CHP) appliance from Q3, 2008. The announcement follows evaluation of the performance of production units of its HomePowerPlant (HPP) appliance with engineering partners Prodrive and Enertek.

Several engineering enhancements have been made to Disenco's appliance since last year's design review. These include enhanced appliance performance/modulation, weight reduction to allow one-man installation and a wide range of electrical power outputs to comply with varying national mains supply requirements across the globe.

Manufacturing agreements with chosen manufacturing partners Autocraft and Malvern Boilers have been established and both companies are now involved in the detailed preparations for HPP's commercial launch.

Disenco's appliance is a better and greener solution to powering a house or office than conventional boilers or furnaces. It produces all of the heat, hot water and on average 50% of the electrical demand of a modern house and can satisfy up to 70% of peak load electrical demand. It is expected that small medium enterprises (SMEs) will also benefit significantly from the use of the appliance, with their heat loads and run times being longer and therefore generating larger energy savings and carbon reductions of up to 20 tonnes per year.

The HPP will significantly reduce the peak demand for grid supplied electricity and will assist governments in their decision making processes surrounding future grid infrastructure and centralized power generation strategies.

Energy costs in a typical UK residential property are calculated to be reduced by between 25% to 35% using HPP with a simultaneous 2 to 4 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions representing nearly 70% of the emissions of the typical UK home. Excess electricity generated in this green manner, from what would otherwise be waste heat, can be exported and sold to the national grid or utility for use by other consumers who can then benefit from this green energy.

Servicing Disenco's appliance will be on an annual basis inline with current maintenance legislation requirements. Unlike competing technologies, HPP is not dependent on the European weather for its performance and requires no specific planning permission prior to installation and commissioning. More details on the appliance and the calculation of its energy and carbon saving credentials for specific applications and installations can be found on the company's website

Disenco believes that a key route to market for its appliance and m-CHP technology will be through utility companies. This is due to the combination of radical change to distributed energy and the savings represented by this technology from both an ecological as well as a financial aspect. Distribution agreements with utilities are to be announced.

The company is listed on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange (DIS) and plans to list on London's AIM market this year.

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