SHEFFIELD, England, November 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Disenco Energy plc (TSX:DIS), the Sheffield-based company that's poised to transform energy consumers into energy producers with its micro Combined Heat and Power appliance, welcomes Prime Minister Gordon Brown's commitment to the UK reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60% and perhaps 80% before 2050, but agrees with environmentalists and the Institute for Public Policy Research that much more can be achieved earlier in tackling global warming, especially if its disruptive energy-producing technology is taken into consideration.

Disenco begins initial production this month and full production in 2008 of its patented appliance called HomePowerPlant, a product that replaces traditional boilers. The dishwasher-sized appliance runs on low-cost natural gas and enables home owners and small businesses to produce all their heating and hot water requirements locally, as well as up to 70% of their electricity requirements at peak times. It also allows them to export and sell electricity back to the power grid.

Disenco's appliance could have a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint of British homes. According to DEFRA, Britain's 26 million homes collectively emit about 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year ... about 5.8 tonnes per home. The government's goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of each home by 60% before 2050 to approximately 3.6 tonnes. Field trials of Disenco's unit over the past twelve months at the Carbon Trust show that the carbon footprint of an average home (as defined by the Environmental Change Institute) with the appliance could be reduced by up to 4 tonnes of CO2 each year. Homes equipped with a Disenco appliance will therefore help the government to reach its carbon targets in the shortest timeframe.

"Clearly, Disenco Energy's HomePowerPlant appliance is disruptive technology and is destined to change the way people produce, use and save energy," says Simon Ambler, Disenco Energy's CEO. "But that's just the start. By cutting the carbon footprint of a home or small business, Disenco will facilitate the onerous burden placed upon governments around the world to reach carbon targets earlier than expected."

About Disenco Energy

Disenco Energy plc ( has developed a revolutionary, carbon-footprint-reducing HomePowerPlant system as a direct replacement for a domestic boiler and converts waste heat into electricity for use in the home. Disenco's HomePowerPlant is a micro Combined Heat and Power unit ("m-CHP") and generates heat and electricity at efficiency levels above 90 per cent, reduces consumer costs and could create independence from the National Grid. The system generates 15 to 18 kW heat and 3kW electrical power and is expected to reduce the average home's annual carbon emissions by between three to five tonnes.

The Company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada (EPIC:DIS) and plans to list on London's AIM market in Q2, 2008.

Press and IR enquiries: Hugh Paterson, Press Officer, Disenco Energy plc Tel +44(0)7877-793-627, Email Chris Roberts, Hansard Group Tel. +44(0)7245-1100, Email

Press and IR enquiries: Hugh Paterson, Press Officer, Disenco Energy plc, Tel +44(0)7877-793-627, Email, Chris Roberts, Hansard Group, Tel. +44(0)7245-1100, Email