COPENHAGEN, December 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Water treatment specialist MicroDrop Aqua -a Danish cleantech company- is introducing new technologies that could raise world standards for aeration and purification of drinking water. Highlights featured at an exhibition arranged by the confederation of Danish Industry (DI) in connection with the COP15 climate summit in Copenhagen, include water treatment solutions in self-contained units: an energy-saving arsenic reduction technology that requires no chemicals, an oxygenation process that uses the force of gravity with energy consumption and CO2 emission levels at virtually zero, and a mineral filtering system that turns RO treated seawater into tasty drinking water.

The unique and highly inventive MicroDrop oxygenation process is a cleantech concept that operates at virtually zero energy and in full compliance with EU standards. According to information from MicroDrop Aqua, energy consumption levels are only one-tenth compared to competing systems.

Our aeration system provides effective oxygenation of raw water used for drinking purposes, says MicroDrop Aqua chairman Suni a Dalbo.

The MicroDrop system eliminates a variety of substances frequently found in groundwater used for drinking purposes worldwide, Mr. a Dalbo says. The company's solutions are applied on mobile units of a variety of sizes, with a capacity ranging from 2 to several 100 cubic meters per day.

Globally patented arsenic cleansing

As arsenic polluted drinking water exposes people to the risks of cancer and other serious illnesses, arsenic pollution is recognized as a worldwide problem. Accordingly, the WHO has significantly lowered the limit for acceptable arsenic levels in drinking water.

We identify strongly with the cause of making pure water accessible for all people, Mr. a Dalbo adds.

MicroDrop Aqua's solution for removal of arsenic substances involves the use of a cylinder filled with iron flakes. The added iron is the only removable part in this concept -a refill of iron flakes is needed approximately once per year.

The energy consumption is at its very lowest with this technology and the process works without adding any chemicals, according to Mr. a Dalbo. Only very limited maintenance and services are needed, he says. Our solutions are scalable and customizable in accordance with our clients' specific needs and requirements.

Scientific proof of concept and technical documentation has been filed in cooperation with the Aalborg University, Denmark.

From seawater to freshwater

The MicroDrop Mineral Filtering system improves the quality of water from reverse osmosis plants-i.e. saltwater plants that produce distilled water-and turns it into normal, pleasant drinking water.

After the water has been oxygenated it is pumped through a special mineral filter, Mr. a Dalbo says. This is for adding some of the minerals that are typically found in drinking water.

Importantly, as he points out, neither desalinated nor distilled water tastes like drinking water before being treated by a MicroDrop Mineral Filter system.

MicroDrop Aqua's technology was on display at the Bright Green exhibition in Forum, Copenhagen, during COP15, the United Nations' 15th conference on climate change.

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Headquarters: MicroDrop Aqua, Helgeshoj Alle 12, DK-2630 Taastrup, Denmark.

SOURCE: MicroDrop Aqua

CONTACT: Further information: Suni a Dalbo, MicroDrop Aqua chairman, Tel+45-2639-0734, Email:, Headquarters: MicroDrop Aqua,Helgeshoj Alle 12, DK-2630 Taastrup, Denmark.